Aasara Pension List 2024 – New Beneficiary List, Search Pensioner Details

Aasara Pension List 2024 – New Beneficiary List, Search Pensioner Details: The Telangana government provides financial support to people who cannot work and support their families due to illness or other reasons, known as “Aasara.” This post discusses the Telangana Aasara Pension List for 2024, highlighting the key aspects of the scheme and the updates introduced in 2024.

Aasara Pension List 2024

Aasara Pension List 2024

TS Aasara Pension List 2024

The Telangana Chief Minister initiated the Aasara Pension program to support all citizens, including those with health issues like HIV, in providing for their families and leading happier lives. In 2024, the government plans to enhance the program, increasing the TS Aasara Pension and providing more significant benefits to beneficiaries, relieving them of the need to work due to poor health. The state government allocated Rs 11,728 crores during the annual budget session for the fiscal year 2024, resulting in higher pension amounts for recipients.

Aasara Pension List Objectives

The Telangana government introduced the TS Aasara Pension scheme to assist economically disadvantaged groups, including tribal communities, AIDS victims, and the disabled, to alleviate their life challenges. To achieve this goal, the Chief Minister of Telangana State has lowered the age limit and raised the pension amount provided under the scheme.

Aasara Pension List Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for senior citizen benefits, the eligibility criteria include:

1) Minimum age of sixty-five.
2) Belonging to a primitive or endangered tribe.
3) Eligibility for people engaged in various manual occupations, such as fruit and flower vendors, snake charmers, rag pickers, coolies, rickshaw pullers, hand cart pullers, and cobblers.
4) Individuals who are homeless or live in makeshift shelters or huts, regardless of whether they reside in rural or urban areas.

For Widow Applicants:

1) Minimum age of 18 years.

2) Must be a member of a vulnerable and primitive tribal group.

For Weaver Applicants:

1) Must be at least 50 years old.

2) Must belong to a primitive or disadvantaged tribal group.

For Toddy Tappers:

1) Age requirement: 50 years or older.
2) Belong to a primitive or disadvantaged tribal group.
3) Be a member of the Cooperative Society of Toddy Tappers.

For Impaired Applicants:

1) No age limitations; open to anyone of any age.
2) Must be a member of a primitive and fragile tribe.

Aasara Pension List Documents

The required documents for scheme candidates include the following:

1) Aadhaar Card or identity proof.
2) Address Verification confirming residency in the state.
3) Certificate of Income or Age Verification Certificate (for widow beneficiaries).
4) Xerox copy of registration in the Cooperative Society of Toddy Tappers (for toddy tappers).
5) Xerox copy of registration with the Co-operative organization of weavers (for weavers).
6) SADAREM Certificate with 40% or higher disability (for individuals with impairments) and 51% for the hearing impaired.
7) Bank Account Passbook and IFSC Code.
8) Passport Photograph.
9) Mobile Contact Number.
10) Size of the Post Office Savings account (if applicable).

How to Fill Aasara Pension List Application Form

1) Visit the official website and select the scheme.
2) Download the form from the scheme page.
3) Complete the form using a ball pen.
4) Attach the necessary documents.
5) In rural areas, submit your application to the Regional Gram Panchayat Secretary or the Village Revenue Officer; in urban areas, submit it to the Bill Collector.

Check Aasara Pension Status

To check the current status of your application form, follow these simple steps:

1)Visit the official website and look for the “Search Beneficiary Details” option on the homepage.
2) Select the “Status of Aasara Pension” option.
3) Provide your application number, district, panchayat, and other required information.
4) Click the search button.
5) The status of your account and payment details will be displayed.

Aasara Pension List 2024: New Beneficiary List, Search Pensioner Details