AADHAAR Card Apply Online | how to apply aadhar card

Aadhaar Card Application Procedure: How to Download Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar card is an international identity for every Indian and it is every citizen’s right to get the

card. State governments set up thousands of registration centers to speed up the process of

Aadhaar card registration. Earlier, Aadhaar cards were sent to the applicants directly to their

houses. The facility to download the cards directly from Aadhaar authority Internets was also

provided. In case if any one did not get their Aadhaar card or if for any reasons the card is

rejected, they can book the slot once again and download the card from the internet. The

benefits of Aadhaar card are many. It can be used as an identity card. It can be used to get

passport or to open a bank account.

How to apply Aadhar card Online

Applying for Aadhaar Card:

Registration for Aadhaar card is done at the Aadhaar enrollment centers which are authorized.

You have to submit the application along with address proof and identity. Application forms

are available for free at the centers. Application forms can be downloaded from the official

website also. Download the application, fill it and submit it at the Aadhaar center. Photo, finger

prints and iris scan is taken during enrolment process. An acknowledgment slip is given.

Aadhaar card will be given to the applicant after verification of the details.

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Aadhaar card can be taken by all those residing in India even though they are foreign citizens.

NRI people are also eligible to take the card. Biometrics of children is taken when they are 5

years and again when they become 15 years old. Documents that need to be submitted are

proof of identity card which can be a ration card, passport, driving license or a PAN card;

address proof which can be a telephone bill, water bill or electricity bill.

Aadhaar card registration can be done online also. Those who do not get Aadhaar card in post

can download the card by following the steps given below.

AADHAAR Card Apply Online Steps:

1) Visit the official Aadhaar card website, http://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in and enter the enrollment


2)This number is present at the right side of the acknowledgement form. Also enter the

resident name, area pin code and mobile number that are given at the time of registration.

3) Also enter the captcha text and enter. Check the details once again.

4)Click on submit button.

5) After checking the phone correct mobile number, a message will be sent to the registered

mobile number.

6)Enter the OTP number received on the mobile and click on submit button.

7) After this you will be taken to a screen where there is Download your e-Aadhaar button.

8) Click

on this and your Aadhaar card PDF file will be downloaded. To open the PDF file you have to

enter the area pin code.