TN EMIS School Login for Students & Teachers, Profile Update

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TN EMIS School Login for Students & Teachers, Profile Update Tamil Nadu recently introduced a dedicated platform for the management of student, school, and faculty information, encompassing both teaching and non-teaching staff. Schools can submit essential details to the state education department via the official website or the TN EMIS Application. The official website provides students access to online courses, training modules, learning videos, and various resources, marking a commendable initiative by the Tamil Nadu government. The website serves as a valuable tool for teachers to deliver high-quality instruction. Each school is assigned a unique 8-digit code, commonly referred to as an EMIS number. Both teachers and students have access to the portal, offering a centralized hub for comprehensive information on TN EMIS, covering highlights, objectives, functionality, advantages, registration process, login procedure, and more.

Name of the WebsiteTN EMIS Login
Introduced byThe Government of Tamil Nadu
Full Form of TN EMISTamil Nadu Educational Management Information System
TN EMIS Login ModeOnline
TN EMIS login statusAvailable
Beneficiaries Students, Teachers, and Schools of Tamil Nadu
Official Website

TN EMIS School Portal

The state government of Tamil Nadu recently established the TN EMIS Portal, aimed at providing students with top-notch education. Essential information about each student is stored in a centralized database. The responsibility for delivering the best possible education to children has been entrusted to all instructors by the education department of the Tamil Nadu government. It is imperative for all teachers to review the curriculum and course materials before commencing classes with students. Students are also occasionally asked to go through their study materials, making this a collective effort for both teachers and students. The Tamil Nadu Teachers Platform (TNTP) portal, managed by the school education government, offers valuable e-learning materials for everyone involved.


The objective of the TN EMIS School Portal

Teachers have the option to register for training modules and employ the e-learning methodology to educate students. The utilization of advanced technology not only aids students in enhancing their learning abilities but also provides them with access to interactive videos, information on online courses, diverse practice and simulation resources, and various types of mock tests related to their studies. Therefore, the website provides e-learning content that aligns with standards, encompassing instruction, practical materials, films, interactive sessions, simulations, online courses, training modules, and a plethora of other resources.


TN EMIS School Portal Benefits

TN EMIS brings several key benefits, including: 

1) Teachers in Tamil Nadu can access digital resources through a shared repository.
2) The school management utilizes this portal to publish the curriculum, class schedules, new announcements, and revision materials.
3) The system provides a mechanism for tracking professional success.
4) Every instructor is assigned a special identification number for the state curriculum.

Steps to Register on the TN EMIS School Portal

Each school possesses a unique login ID, providing teachers with access to the portal where they can input essential information. The technological platform currently in place eliminates the need for additional paperwork and serves as an efficient tool for monitoring the educational landscape in the state of Tamil Nadu. Here's how the registration process works:


EMIS Registration for Schools:

1) Every school in Tamil Nadu is registered with EMIS.
2) Upon logging in to the TN EMIS website, schools can create their usernames and passwords.

Approved Administrators for TNTP Website Access:

The following list outlines the approved administrators who can be contacted for TNTP website access:

1) School Principal/Headmaster: Responsibilities include overseeing the school premises, monitoring student and teacher performance, and managing attendance.
2) Chief Education Officer (CEO): In charge of supervising all schools in the district following inspections.
3) Block Education Officer (BEO): Responsible for monitoring all schools in the block post-inspection.
4) District Education Officer (DEO): Shares responsibilities with the CEO and BEO but also adheres to district inspection protocols for all schools.
5) Access Credentials for Teachers: The Head Master (HM) of each respective school has the authority to provide access credentials to teachers within that institution.

Steps to Login on TN EMIS Portal:

To access the TN EMIS Portal, users should follow the below steps: 

1) Click on the official website of the TN EMIS Portal:
2) The website's homepage will appear on the screen.
3) In the Login section, enter the username and password.
4) Click the login button to access your registered account.

Steps to Reset the Forgotten Password

To reset a forgotten password on the TN EMIS Portal, users should follow these steps:

1) Visit the official website of the TN EMIS Portal:

TN EMIS Portal

2) The homepage of the website will be displayed.
3) Within the Login section, select the "Forget Password" option.
4) A new page will open on the screen.
5) Choose the user type (School or Teacher).
6) Enter the username.
7) Click on the "Submit Request" button.
8) Once authorized by your BRTE / Block coordinator, the password will be emailed to your registered email address.

TN EMIS School Login for Students & Teachers

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