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Also Read: Login, Learning Recovery Programme: Access login details for here. The Odisha government initiated the Learning Recovery Program (LRP) to address the educational disruptions caused by the pandemic. Recognizing the impact on over 1.5 billion children worldwide, the Odisha State Government launched the LRP. This article provides comprehensive information on the Learning Recovery Program, including details on accessing education through the LRP Program, navigating the LRP Portal, and downloading the LRP App. Carefully read the article for detailed insights into these aspects.

Over the past two years, the ongoing epidemic has posed challenges to students' educational activities in our country, leading to a reliance on online education. A significant number of students have faced educational deprivation. In response, the Odisha government has initiated the Learning Recovery Program (LRP) within the state. This program aims to provide enhanced educational opportunities to deprived and underserved children through online classes and programs facilitated by the portal.


Benefits of the Learning Recovery Programme

The Odisha State Government has initiated the Learning Recovery Program to enhance the educational experiences of school children in the state. The program aims to provide the following benefits to the children:
1) Mitigating the profound impact of the epidemic on the intellectual and mental well-being of children, which has adversely affected their overall mood towards education.
2) Rekindling children's interest in education, which had diminished during the pandemic.
3) Supporting the improvement of academic activities that have suffered over the past two years.
4) Engaging children's minds in studies upon rejoining the educational system.
5) Introducing various subjects through the Learning Recovery Program to foster social development in children.
6) Ensuring the connection of all children from class 3 to class 9 through this program.

Topics Covered In LRP Learning Recovery Program Odisha

The Odisha government has organized the Learning Recovery Program with distinct course materials tailored for various classes. The breakdown is as follows:
1) Class 3: Oriya, Environmental Science, and Mathematics
2) Classes 4, 5, and 6: English, Mathematics, and Environmental Science
3) Classes 7, 8, and 9: Science, English, and Mathematics

Objective Of the Odisha Learning Recovery Program

The Odisha State Government has established the Odisha Learning Recovery Program with the following fundamental objectives:
1) Addressing the decline in educational infrastructure during the pandemic.
2) Overcoming the challenges faced by numerous children who couldn't access online education due to insufficient infrastructure.
3) Compensating for the lost educational opportunities among students.
4) Fostering confidence in children to reintegrate into the mainstream of the current educational level.
5) Implementing a refresher course through audio mediums for students in classes 3-9.
6) Promoting equality in learning among students.

lrp Odisha gov in Login @

Upon completing the online login process through the official website, all program beneficiaries are required to access the website. The Learning Recovery Program login procedure is outlined as follows:
1) Visit the official Learning Recovery Program website at

2) On the homepage, navigate to the user login option. Login

3) Enter your Username and Password.
4) Click on the login button.
5) The website will successfully redirect you to the login page.

By following these steps, beneficiaries can avail themselves of the associated scheme. Login, Learning Recovery Programme

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