EPM JK Portal 2024 - Registration, Login, and Check Status @epm.jk.gov.in

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EPM JK Portal 2024 - Registration, Login, and Check Status @epm.jk.gov.in: Employees working with the Jammu and Kashmir Government are eligible to access information related to the EPM JK portal. This portal facilitates the monitoring of employees across various departments of the Jammu and Kashmir Government, allowing them to track their progress through this official website. The details regarding the EPM JK Portal are outlined in the article below, along with a step-by-step procedure for registration and login to access all relevant information on the official portal.


EPM JK Portal Highlights

Name of Portal EPM Portal 
Official Website www.epm.jk.gov.in
Launch Year 2023
Launched By Chief Secretary of Jammu & Kashmir
Objective Keep track of Govt Employees
State Jammu & Kashmir
Beneficiary Government Employees of J&K state only

About EPM JK Portal

The Jammu and Kashmir Government has established an EPM JK Portal, also known as the Employee Performance Monitoring Portal. This portal enables candidates to visit the official website and review their performance for the state government without concerns about evaluations from their seniors. Information pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir state employees must be submitted by the 7th of each month, and authorities will have access to the official website by March 15, 2022. Both employees and officers can assess performance through the website provided by the Jammu and Kashmir government.


Objective Of EPM JK Portal

The Jammu and Kashmir Government has introduced a new scheme aimed at offering enhanced opportunities for employees across various government departments. This initiative leverages the prestigious EPM JK Portal to track departmental progress, allowing employees to stay informed about developments. Additionally, the portal enables employees to access the rewards they receive each month for exemplary performance in completing their daily tasks and meeting goals set by their superiors. The official portal plays a crucial role in monitoring government employees' goals, ensuring a seamless operation. Accessible online, the portal allows individuals to check details without the need for physical presence at any location.


Documents Required

To successfully apply for this scheme, you need the following documents: 

1) Mobile Number

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for this scheme, the applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:
1) The applicant must hold permanent residency in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
2) The applicant must be a government employee.

EPM JK Portal Registration Process

To register on the official website, follow the straightforward procedure outlined below:
1) Visit the EPM JK scheme website: https://epm.jk.gov.in/

EPM JK Portal

2) The homepage will be displayed on your screen.
3) Click on the "Registration/Login" button on the homepage. Then, it redirects to the https://hrms.jk.gov.in/ website.
4) Click on the "Register" button. Enter the CPISID, Mobile Number, Date of Birth, and Captcha. Click on the "Register" button.

EPM JK Portal

5) Once registration is complete, your sign-in credentials will be sent to your phone.

EPM JK Portal Login Process

To access the official website and view your information, Just log into the website below are the steps:
1) To begin, visit the official scheme website: https://hrms.jk.gov.in/
2) Upon reaching the homepage, select "Login." Input your user credentials, which include your username, password, and verification code.
3) Proceed by clicking the "Sign in" option located on the right.
4) Your dashboard will subsequently be displayed on the screen.

EPM JK Portal - Registration, Login, and Check Status

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