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Boat Warranty Registration, warranty claim, Register Complaint, Status Check Currently, the boat company is experiencing a high demand for its products, and numerous individuals are purchasing them online and offline. If a customer encounters any issues with a product purchased from the boat company, they can use the Boat Warranty Online Registration to submit an online complaint during the specified warranty period. In this article, we will furnish you with comprehensive details regarding Boat Warranty Online Registration, Boat Product Registration, Replacement, and Customer Care Number. Stay connected to this article until the end to acquire all the relevant information about Boat Warranty Registration.


Boat Warranty Registration Online

The boat company's products are gaining popularity in the country due to their affordability and excellent service. As a result, many people are opting to purchase products from the boat company. If any individual encounters issues with a product purchased from the boat company, especially if the product is still under warranty, they can file an online complaint for replacement or repair. To initiate this process, citizens need to complete the Boat Warranty Registration. Once registered, the boat company will contact the customer within 7 days to address and resolve any problems with the product.


Benefits Of Boat Warranty Complaint Registration

The Boat Warranty Complaint Registration initiated by the boat company offers the following benefits to its customers:
1) Online Complaint Facility: Customers can easily lodge complaints about any defects in their purchased products through the online platform.
2) Convenience of Home Complaints: The convenience of filing complaints from the comfort of one's home is provided to the customers.
3) Timely Company Response: The company's representatives will contact the customer within 7 working days of registering the online complaint.
4) Warranty and Replacement: If the product is under warranty, necessary corrections will be made, and if it is still under guarantee, the product will be replaced.

How to Do Boat Warranty Online Registration

Boat company customers seeking to register their product for warranty can easily do so by following these steps: 

1) Visit the official website for warranty registration at, as provided by the boat company.

Boat Warranty Registration

2) Scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Claim Warranty" option on the home page.

Boat Warranty Registration

3) It redirects to the "Registered Complaint" page.
4) Fill out the registration form with details such as product group, product name, pin code, etc.
5) Click on the submit option to complete the Boat Product Warranty Registration effortlessly.

How To Check Boat Warranty Registration Status

To check the status of your registered boat warranty with the boat company, follow these steps:
1) Visit the official website of the boat company.
2) On the home page, click on the option for "Track Warranty Ticket."
3) Enter the registered mobile number and ticket number on the new page.

Check Boat Warranty Registration Status

4) Click on the "Check Status" option.
5) The Boat Warranty Registration Status will be displayed before you.

Boat Customer Care Number

Boat Customer Care Number – 02269181920


Boat Warranty Registration

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