Ejanma Karnataka Birth & Death Certificate Online Registration

Ejanma Karnataka Birth & Death Certificate Online Registration: Ejanma Karnataka is a program the Karnataka State Government created to digitize and speed up the registration process. Births, deaths, and stillbirths in the state can be registered online through this platform. All information can be easily accessed on the official government website. The Directorate of Economics and Statistics is in charge of Ejanma, which ensures that birth and death records in Karnataka are correct. Sign in to Ejanma Karnataka. This article goes into great detail about Ejanma Karnataka, covering its main features, goals, and benefits, as well as how to get birth and death certificates, the services available through the portal, how to log in, download certificates, check the status of an application, and a lot more. Visit ejanma.karnataka.gov.in to get an online death certificate in Karnataka.

Ejanma Karnataka 2023

In 2014, the Karnataka government launched Ejanma, an online application, to satisfy the state's demand for digital registration and recording of births, deaths, and stillbirths. Ejanma Karnataka aims to capture and make all birth and death records data available. The Registration of Births and Deaths (RBD) Act of 1969 says that all Indian States and Union Territories must record births and deaths. Registration for ejanma in Karnataka In Karnataka, some rules must be followed when registering people and giving out birth and death records. Sign in to ejanma Karnataka A person can become a citizen of Karnataka by following the RBD Act of 1969 and the Karnataka Birth and Death Rules of 1999.

The Ejanma platform gets information from regular people and lets approved operators and police officers access it. login to ejanma Karnataka. However, only the portal's owners and concerned registrars can access the online registration options, login credentials, and other connected services.

The objective of Ejanma Karnataka Portal

The main goal of the Karnataka government when they made the ejanma site was to digitally record birth and death information. There are many good reasons to offer services online. As long as data is saved safely online, the Karnataka Government doesn't have to worry about losing it. Karnataka's Ejanma portal is a digital project that stores data online and eliminates the need to do many chores offline, like searching for and erasing data. Registration for ejanma in Karnataka Operators can easily get information from any birth or death record with an internet connection through the portal. A lot of time and work would have to be put into finding a single document if the same job were done by hand.


Benefits Of The Ejanma Karnataka

Here are some of the most important perks of the Ejanma Karnataka: 

1) The Karnataka eJanMa portal has made it easy for people and the government to start registration.
2) Having one spot for the whole state makes things more consistent.
3) It encourages the transparency of the registration process.
4) Digital birth and death records should be kept safe.
5) Death and birth records that are stored digitally
6) Both users and citizens benefit from time savings.
7) Data handling and physical labour (for operators) are being reduced.
8) Easily reachable in both urban and country parts of the state
9) The RBD Act of 1969 and the Karnataka Birth and Death Rules of 1999 are the laws that govern citizen registration in the state of Karnataka.

Services Offered By Ejanma Karnataka Portal

The Ejanma Karnataka Portal provides the following services: 
1)Birth Certificate Verification
2) Application Status
3) Caste Certificate Verification
4) Vital Statistics Report
5) Registration Details
6) Offline PDF forms
7) Login Window for operators
8) Feedback

Ejanma Karnataka Birth And Death Certificates

Birth and death are significant milestones in an individual's life, and it is critical to have a record of these events for both people and the government. Online Death Certificate Karnataka The Civil Registration System in India is responsible for registering births and deaths and issuing certificates. online death certificate Karnataka A Birth Certificate is a critical document issued by the appropriate government following the birth of a child, acting as proof of their existence and date of birth. Similarly, a death certificate is a document presented to the deceased's close family members that contains information regarding the cause of death and other pertinent details.


Details Required For Ejanma’s Birth Registration

To register a child's birth with Ejanma, you must supply the following information: 

1) Date of Birth
2) Time of Birth
3) Child’s Permanent Address
4) Informants’ Names and Addresses
5) Hospital Name and Address 
6) Mother’s Residence Details
7) Child’s Name (if applicable)
8) Gender of the Child
9) Father’s Name
10) Date of Registration
11) Mother’s Name
12) Place of Birth
13) Parent’s Address at the Time of Birth

Details Required For Ejanma Death Registration

The following are some of the crucial details needed for Ejanma's death registration: 

1) Death Date
2) Death Time
3) Mother's Name
4) Place of Death (Hospital, House, Other Places, Not Stated)
5) Name and address of the Informants
6) Name of Husband/Wife
7) Permanent Address of Deceased
8) Name of the Deceased
9) Age
10) Address of the deceased at the time of death
11) Details of Residence of the deceased
12) Father Name

Steps To How To Login On Ejanma Karnataka Portal

To log in to the Ejanma Karnataka portal, users need to follow the provided simple steps: 

 1) Visit the official website of Ejanma Karnataka: https://ejanma.karnataka.gov.in/

Ejanma Karnataka Official Website
2) Click the Login button.
3) The page to log in will show up on the screen.
4) Enter the username and password.
5) Enter the captcha code and click the "Login" button.

Steps To Download Certificate On The Ejanma Karnataka

To download your certificate from Ejanma Karnataka, just follow these straightforward steps: 

1) Visit the official website of Ejanma Karnataka at https://ejanma.karnataka.gov.in/.
2) The website's home page will show up on your screen.
3) Find and click the "Download Certificate" tab.
4) A new page with two options will appear on the screen. "User manual to download birth certificate" and "User manual to download death certificate".

Ejanma Karnataka Birth & Death Certificate

5) Click on the option to Download the certificate.

Steps To Check The Application Status

To check your application status on Ejanma Karnataka's official website, follow these steps: 

1) Visit https://ejanma.karnataka.gov.in/.
2) Click on the Application Status tab.

Ejanma Karnataka Birth & Death Certificate Application Status
3) A new page will appear.
4) Choose between Registration Number or Sakala Number.
5) Enter the required details.
6) Input the captcha code.
7) Click the submit button.

Ejanma Karnataka Birth & Death Certificate Online Registration

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