Portal List of Services (CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education) Portal List of Services (CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education): The official website of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) at provides various services and information related to CBSE's educational activities. Please note that the services and information on the website may have evolved or changed since then, so I recommend visiting the website for the most current information. However, here are some common services and information typically found on the CBSE website Portal List of Services

1) Examination Related Services

  • Online registration for board examinations.
  • Access to exam-related documents, including date sheets, sample question papers, and previous years' question papers.
  • Information on exam results, including result announcements and result analysis.

2) Curriculum and Syllabus Information:
  • Access to curriculum documents for various classes and subjects.
  • Information on changes in curriculum and syllabus.

3) Affiliation Services:
  • Information on CBSE school affiliation procedures and guidelines.
  • Online application for school affiliation and updates on the status of affiliation applications.

4) Academic Resources:
  • Availability of study materials, textbooks, and other educational resources for students and teachers.
5) Circulars and Notifications:
  • Access to circulars, notifications, and updates related to CBSE policies, guidelines, and decisions.
6) Contact Information:
  • Contact details for various CBSE offices and officials, making it easier for schools and individuals to reach out for specific queries and concerns.
7) Examination Forms and Guidelines:

  • Access to examination-related forms, guidelines, and instructions for students, schools, and parents.
8) Scholarships and Awards:

  • Information on scholarships and awards offered by CBSE, including the CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme for single girl child and other merit-based scholarships.
9) Helpline and FAQs:

  • Resources to help students, parents, and schools with common queries and concerns.
10) Online Services:
  • Online services may include applying for certificates or documents, such as migration certificates, duplicate mark sheets, and more. Portal List of Services

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