Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023: Login, Check Status and Balance Check

Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023: Login, Check Status and Balance Check: The Haryana government has brought good news for the unemployed. The state government has launched a new scheme for unemployed youths. The name of this scheme is "Yuva Saksham Yojana 2023". Despite having many educated young people in the state, they cannot find employment. Keeping this in mind, the state government has initiated this scheme.

Here, we will provide complete information about Haryana's Saksham Yojana in this article. How can one benefit from this scheme? Who is eligible for the Saksham Yojana? What will be provided under the scheme? What is the ultimate aim of the scheme? We will answer all such questions through this article.


Saksham Yojana Check Status 2023

This scheme has been initiated for educated unemployed youth in the state. Graduates and postgraduates will benefit from this scheme. The government's objective in starting this scheme is to provide employment to young people to become self-reliant. This scheme was launched by Chief Minister Shri Manohar Lal Khattar.

The scheme was launched on April 1, 2017. Under this scheme, unemployed youth in the state will now receive unemployment allowances and jobs. Currently, only graduate unemployed youth have been included in this scheme. Under this scheme, unemployed individuals will be provided 100 hours of work. If you have applied under the Saksham Yojana, you can now check the status of your application online. You can find out whether your application has been accepted or not. Unemployed youth in every district who have applied can also check their names in the list. This facility has benefited thousands of applicants. Now, they do not need to visit offices everywhere. Your qualifications, whether BA, BSc, BTech, or any other, can be used to access the Saksham Yojana list online, and information can be obtained accordingly.

Under the scheme, youth will be given ₹9,000 for working 100 hours. This amount also includes ₹3,000 per month as unemployment allowance. Only registered youths will be eligible for the benefits of the scheme. According to the statistics, 9,545 unemployed youths have applied under this scheme. Of these, 1,356 candidates have registered for the scheme through various state departments.

Registration for this scheme can be done online on the official portal, and the process is very simple. The details are provided below in this article. Under this scheme, the state government will invest 324 crores. The government is also considering including postgraduate unemployment in this scheme, requiring a larger budget. Under this scheme, the government will provide employment to youth in various departments.


Saksham Yojana for Graduates/Post Graduates

Those young men and women who have completed their graduation or post-graduation from a recognized university outside the state can also apply for this scheme. This scheme is for all unemployed youth whose family's annual income is less than ₹3,00,000/-. This scheme will be quite beneficial in addressing the serious issue of unemployment.

As previously mentioned, this scheme was initiated by the state government for graduate and postgraduate unemployed youth. However, the government has recently observed that some young individuals who receive job offers through job fairs do not take up employment. They continue to receive unemployment benefits for various reasons, even though they voluntarily attended the job fair. This leads to the wastage of efforts by the organizers of job fairs.

Therefore, the state government has taken a significant decision. From now on, those young people who are offered a job paying more than ₹15,000/- per month at job fairs but do not accept it will not be eligible for unemployment benefits or other similar schemes. However, candidates who receive a salary offer of ₹15,000/- or less per month will be given another chance.


Benefits of Saksham Yojana

1) This scheme will provide employment opportunities to unemployed youth.
2) It will curb the rising unemployment.
3) Despite being educated, young people will no longer have to wander searching for jobs.
4) It will instil self-reliance among the youth.

Eligibility for Yuva Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023

1) Only permanent residents of Haryana can apply for the scheme.
2) It is mandatory for applicants to first register their names with the Employment Exchange.
3) Applicants must be postgraduates to be eligible for the scheme.
4) The applicant's age should be between 21 and 35 years.
5) Only those applicants whose family's annual income is less than ₹3,00,000/- are eligible for this scheme.
6) The applicant can avail the benefits of this scheme for a maximum period of 3 years.
7) Online registration is mandatory for this scheme.
8) This scheme is exclusively for unemployed youth.
9) Even those youths who have studied outside Haryana are eligible for this scheme.

Youth Empowerment Scheme Haryana 2023 Online Application

1) visit the official website of the Saksham Yojana:

Youth Empowerment Scheme Haryana

2) Upon clicking, a new page will open.
3) First, you must select your educational qualification in the provided space.
4) After selecting your educational qualification, you need to click on the 'Registration' button.
5) After that, a new page will open, and you should check the 'Registration for the scheme' box.
6) Doing so will display new options in front of you.
7) First, you need to confirm whether you are a resident of Haryana or not.
8) Then, select the domicile type.
9) After that, enter your date of birth.
10) By doing this, several options will appear before you, and the first one will require you to enter your Aadhar number.
11) After entering your Aadhar number, you must enter your employment registration number.
12) After that, you need to select the name of the employment office.
13) Following this, you must enter the renewal date of your employment registration number.
14) Then, you need to enter your mobile number.
15) Afterward, an OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your mobile for verification.
16) Once your mobile number is verified, you need to enter your email ID.
17) an OTP will be sent to your email ID for verification.
18) After completing all these steps, click the 'Register' option.
19) By doing so, you will have successfully applied for the scheme.
20) To read the official scheme notification in PDF format.

Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023 Login

1) To log in to this scheme, Visit the Official Website:

Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023 Login

2) First, you will need to enter "Employment Registration Number" and "Password", select a qualification from the dropdown and enter the captcha. Just click on the "login" button.

Saksham Yojana Check Status Online

1) In this scheme, applicants can also check their status online. 
2) you will also need to visit the official website, which you can click here

Saksham Yojana Check Status Online

3) First, you will need to select your district. 
4) After selecting the district, choose 'Select Choice.' 
5) Then, you will need to select your educational qualification. 
6) Next, you will need to choose your gender.
7) Click on the "Search" button. 
8) By doing this, information about your status will appear in front of you.

Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023

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