Manav Sampada UP eHRMS Login, How to access Portal

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Manav Sampada UP eHRMS Login, How to access Portal: Electronic Human Resource Management System is the full name of EHRMS, and Uttar Pradesh State Data Center is the full name of UPSDC. It is a website made for the people who work in Uttar Pradesh. "MANAV SAMPADA UTTAR PRADESH" is the name of the place. Around 2.8 million people work for the government of Uttar Pradesh. It requires a lot of time, employees, and other resources to maintain the data of so many employees in paper format. The official website,, was developed to improve the effectiveness of employee-related activities and provide employees with a platform to profit from the government services available to them.

Name of the LogineHRMS Login
TitleAccess the Manav Sampada eHRMS Login portal
SubjectNIC launched eHRMS UP Manav Sampada Login Portal
Official Website

Benefits of Using eHRMS UP Manav Sampada Login Portal

Employees can easily get their personal information, pay slips, and other essential documents through the Manav Sampada UP eHRMS Login portal. Here are some benefits of using the eHRMS UP Manav Sampada Login Portal: 

1) With an internet connection, You can view your employee records and other information from anywhere and anytime.
2) The portal ensures that HR processes are clear and keeps employee data from confusing or wrong.
3) The system simplifies the HR processes and cuts down on the work that must be done by hand. This makes them more efficient and saves time.

How to Sign in Into EHRMS UPSDC Gov In UP Portal is the official website for Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh. The employee must log in to see work records, request time off, or use any other service on the website. So, let's look at how to log in to the EHRMS UPSDC website or the MANAVA SAMPADA website

1) Open the official website at

Manav Sampada UP eHRMS Login

2) Then you'll be taken to the MANAVA SAMPADA UTTAR PRADESH website's home page. There, look for the login button.
3) It will be at the top of the screen to the right. Just click it.
4) The first thing it asks is which department you're in.
5) Then, it will ask you to type in the user ID that you made when you signed up for the website.
6) After that, you have to enter your profile's password.
7) Lastly, type the Security Code or the Captcha the system makes into the provided place. Click on the symbol next to the space if you don't understand the code.
8) Then, click the Login button.
9) This takes you to your website profile.

Steps To Apply to Leave Application On EHRMS UPSDC Gov In UP Login

1) Open the MANAV SAMPADA UTTAR PRADESH website at
2) Sign in to the website by choosing your department and entering your Userid and Password.
3) Then, it will show the employee's information, such as his or her name, birth date, job title, mobile phone number, parent department, current department, current office, and photo.
4) We can see the services offered above this information. Select 'Leave Module'.
5) A list will be displayed. Select 'My Leave'.
6) Then, another list will appear with items like "Apply Leave," "View Balance," "View Application Status," and "Cancel Leave." To apply for a leave, click the 'Apply Leave' button.
7) Then, complete the leave application
8) Then click "Submit" and wait for a response from higher authorities.

Manav Sampada UP eHRMS Login

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