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Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2024 - Online Apply, Benefits, Eligibility

Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2024 - Online Apply, Benefits, Eligibility: The government of Gujarat is always trying to raise farmer incomes and lower farm
Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2024 - Online Apply, Benefits, Eligibility: The government of Gujarat is always trying to raise farmer incomes and lower farming costs. Coronavirus has killed off most of the life in the world. Because of this, the whole country had to shut down. Farmers, as well as people in the middle class and lower class, have been through a lot of hard times. As part of its efforts to help its people, the Indian government started several aid programs. Gujarat's government set up several programs to help the people. One program that began during the shutdown was the Gay Sahay Yojana, which helps farmers. Read on to learn more about the Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat, including its highlights, goals, features, benefits, eligibility requirements, required documents, how to apply, and much more.

Overview of the Scheme

Scheme NameGay Sahay Yojana
BeneficiariesState Farmers
StateGujarat State
AssistanceHelp farmers who raise native cows using natural methods.
ObjectiveTo promote Natural Farming
Application ModeOnline
Official Website

Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2024

The Gujarati government started the Gay Sahay program to give farmers more freedom and power. The goal was to help the state's farmers with farming and increase their output. The Cow Sahay Yojana is the most important thing the Gujarat government has done. These sources help farmers in many ways. This program supports all farmers who use local cows and natural farming methods to make more food at a lower cost than they would be able to do otherwise.

The government also helps farmers who use natural farming methods get the most out of the scheme by giving them money. The help money is sent immediately to the bank accounts of those who need it. Because of this, farmers can use cow dung and urine for natural farming, low-cost crop growth, and improved crop yield, all of which will raise their standard of living and increase their income.


The objective of Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat

1) The primary objective of this program is to increase the use of manure and reduce the use of artificial fertilizers.
2) Manure application in agriculture improves soil fertility and promotes crop development.
3) Increasing supply while saving money.
4) This plan will make farmers better farmers.
5) The farmer will receive Rs 10,800 per year for farming under this arrangement.

Benefits of Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat

Some of the most important benefits of the Gay Sahay Yojana are: 

1) The Gujarati government began the Gai Sahay Yojana to help the farmers in the state.
2) The plan is to keep track of the cow and check every three months to see if it is still alive.
3) Farmers in the state would be pushed to do natural farming with the help of this plan.
4) With this plan, it will be easier to protect local cows.
5) Farmers can get more from their land using natural growing methods.
6) Farmers will make more money from this program because it costs less.
7) If you want to take advantage of the program's perks, you can only apply online.
8) The help will be given to the people who need it through DBT and put into their accounts.
9) As part of the scheme, the government will give money to all farmers who use local cows and natural farming methods.
10) Before getting their quarterly payment, the person who gets it must show the village worker a certificate that says they use natural farming methods.

Features of ગાય સહાય યોજના ગુજરાત

Some of the most important things about the Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat are: 

1) To increase the state's proof for natural farming.
2) Instead of using chemical khattar, use local khattar made from cow dung and urine to increase the ground's ability to store water.
3) Advantages of making more things for less money
4) To encourage healthy food and fruit to be grown on the land
5) To make things better financially for farmers
6) To save water
7) Increase output while rising pricing.

Eligibility Criteria for ગાય સહાય યોજના ગુજરાત

To be eligible for Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat, candidates must meet the following requirements: 

1) The candidate must live in Gujarat State forever.
2) A country cow with a name tag must be owned by the applicant.
3) The applicant must have a land record.
4) This training is open to people of all castes.
5) You must have learned how to do natural farming from great teachers.
6) Farmers who healthily grow crops are also important.

Required Documents

The following are some of the necessary documents required to apply for Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat: 

1) Aadhar Card
2) 8-A copy
3) Bank passbook
4) Cow identification mark number
5) Cancellation cheque if there is no bank passbook.
6) Consent form of the other account holder if the land is owned jointly by more than one person

Steps to Apply for Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2024

To apply for the Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat, applicants need to follow the steps below:

1) Visit the official URL:

Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat

2) The website's homepage will load on the screen.
3)Select "Schemes" from the drop-down menu.
4) A new page appears on the screen.
5) Click on the plan or scheme you want to join. Now, click on the register button.
6) The registration form will appear on the screen.
7) Now, enter all required information and select the register button.
8) After registration is complete, log in to your registered account.
9) Now, you need to click the Apply button.
10) The application form will appear when the screen loads.
11) Now, complete the form with your personal information, bank information, ration card information, land information, etc.
12) Then, upload all of the necessary documents.
13) Finally, enter the security code and click the "Submit" button to finish the application process.

Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2024 - Online Apply, Benefits, Eligibility