Gambhir Bimari Sahayata Yojana - How To Apply , Eligibility & Documents Required

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Gambhir Bimari Sahayata Yojana - How To Apply, Eligibility & Documents Required: The state authority of Uttar Pradesh (UP) has introduced the Gambhir Bimari Sahayata Yojana to assist registered labourers in coping with high medical expenses. The scheme aims to offer economic support to those working in the construction field who may need access to surplus funds. The scheme covers the costs related to eight major illnesses, providing much-needed aid to society's poor and needy


Gambhir Bimari Sahayata Yojana

Overview of Scheme:

Name Uttar Pradesh Gambhir Bimari Sahayata Yojana
Launched By Yogi Adityanath
Implemented By Labor Department of Uttar Pradesh
Official Doc
Target Audience poor and needy labours

Eligibility criteria:

The Gambhir Bimari Sahayata Yojana in Uttar Pradesh has specific eligibility criteria: 

1) Residential criteria: Applicants must be legal residents of Uttar Pradesh and provide supporting documents.
2) Income-related criteria: Those with a Below Poverty Line (BPL) card will be eligible for financial assistance.
3) Registered under the Labor Board of UP: Construction workers and other labourers registered with the Labor Board of UP are eligible for economic assistance.
4) of severe illnesses only: The scheme covers eight identified serious diseases for which financial aid is provided for treatment.
5) Treatment in government hospitals: Eligible applicants must receive treatment to access financial assistance.
6) No tax-paying candidates: Applicants under any tax structure are not eligible to benefit from the scheme, focusing on those in the lower-income categories.
7) No government employees in the family: If any family member is a government employee (state or central authority), the applicant will not receive free treatment.
8) Coverage for family members: Family members of registered workers, including unmarried sons or daughters, will also receive financial assistance to treat these severe illnesses.

List of serious illnesses that the scheme covers

The Following illnesses that the scheme will cover:

1) Knee replacements operations
2) Spinal cord treatments and surgeries
3) Cardiovascular treatments and surgeries
4) Kidney transplantation
5) Liver transplantation
6) AIDS treatment
7) Treatment for cancer
8) Brain surgery and treatment

Documents Required

Below are the documents required to apply for Gambhir Bimari Sahayata Yojana: 

1) Residential documents
2) Registration of the Labor Board of UP
3) Low income certificate
4) BPL certificate
5) Aadhar card
6) Treatment related papers
7) Vouchers of medicine purchase

How to Apply For Gambhir Bimari Sahayata Yojana

To apply for financial assistance from the UP government under the Gambhir Bimari Sahayata Yojana, follow these steps: 

1) Obtain the application form from the authorized website or the respective department.
2) Fill the form with all relevant details, including the patient's and family members' names, addresses, contact information, and the nature of the disease.
3) Attach all required documents issued by the hospital and doctors and any other required paperwork, including purchase receipts for medicines.
4) Submit the completed application form and supporting documents at the hospital counter or the health department's office. The state will announce the final procedure for making a claim and launched recently; the state will soon declare the last process of making a claim.

Gambhir Bimari Sahayata Yojana - How To Apply

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