Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2023: Apply for Smart Card for Free Bus Travel

Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2023: Apply for Smart Card for Free Bus Travel: The Karnataka Shakti Scheme is a new project that Karnataka started. It aims to give women more power by giving them free bus transportation. The benefits of this Scheme will be available to women in Karnataka starting on June 11, 2023. It aims to make men and women more equal and eliminate obstacles to movement. Within three months, women can apply for the Shakti Smart Card with the help of the Seva Sindhu Portal. We will look at the details of the Scheme to see how women in Karnataka can apply for a Shakti Smart Card and take advantage of this chance.

Karnataka Shakti Scheme Highlight

Name of the SchemeShakti Smart Card  
Issuing authorityKarnataka government
BeneficiariesWomen of the state
AimTo provide free transport facility.

Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2023

Congress kept its word that women were allowed on government buses for free by implementing the Scheme. People who are transgender can take advantage of the Scheme. Under the Scheme, people can't travel buses for free outside of the state. State transport corporations like KSRTC, NWKRTC, and KKRTC will set aside half of their seats for men. Until the Shakti Smart Cards are given out, people in the state can use their ID cards from the central or state government.

The government of Karnataka started the 'Shakti Yojana' Scheme, which gives women free travel on KSRTC and BMTC buses. As part of the "Shakti Yojana," government officials gave free passes to women so they could travel in KSRTC and BMTC buses for free when the Scheme started. The change will help more than 41,8 lakh women who travel. Every day, more than 41,8 lakh women will use this free service to get around. The Scheme will cost about Rs 4,051.56 billion yearly from the state's budget. The Scheme is open to all women who live in the state of Karnataka.

The objective of the Shakti Scheme

The primary goal of the state government is to give women in the state a free bus journey. The free bus journey for women scheme will help promote equality between men and women and give women more power by removing obstacles that might make it hard for them to get transportation services.


Benefits of the Karnataka Shakti Scheme

1) Women will be able to use transport services more efficiently, which will make it easier for them to get to their jobs, schools, hospitals, and other important places.
2) The plan helps women save money by getting rid of the cost of transportation. Then, the women can use their saved money to pay for other necessities like school, health care, food, or others.

3) By taking away the cost of transportation, free bus rides could urge more women to join the workforce. Women will have better opportunities to join the workforce and boost economic growth.

4) Empowerment and independence: Giving women free transport choices helps them feel more independent and gives them more freedom to move around the state.

Buses Allowed for Travel under Shakti Scheme

1) BMTC  (The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation)
2) KSRTC  (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation)
3) NWKRTC (North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation)
4) KKRTC (Kalyana Karnataka Road Transport Corporation)

Eligibility Criteria for Karnataka Shakti Scheme

1) A person needs to be from the state of Karnataka.
2) People in the transgender category can get help from the scheme.
3) Women in the state can take advantage of the scheme.

Steps to Apply for Shakti Smart Card

1) First, go to the Seva Sindhu portal's main website, https://sevasindhuservices.karnataka.gov.in/.

Seva Sindhu portal

2) If you are a new user, you must sign up first.
3) After registering, you can log in to the site by entering the requested information.
4) You can apply for the smart card once logged in.
5) Click the link "Apply for a Shakti Smart Card."
6) A form to fill out will be shown on a new page.
7) Fill out the form with the information.
8) Click the button that says "Submit."

Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2023: Apply for Smart Card for Free Bus Travel

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