West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme 2023: Apply Online, Application Form

West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme 2023: Apply Online, Application Form: One of the basic needs of humans is housing. Millions of houses are needed today for the people of India. Economically Weaker section (EWS) and Lower income groups (LIG) can consist of a shortage of houses up to 99%. Many steps and schemes have been originated by the Center and State governments then, also there is a considerable gap covering the demand and supply of houses. This gap is increasing daily due to the increase in population and urbanization.

West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme


WB Chai Sundari Housing Scheme

The West Bengal government also cooperates in providing houses to the Poor and economically weaker section of people. The state government focuses on providing houses to the people working in Darjeeling's tea gardens. As Darjeeling is world famous for high quality tea production and a rich source of revenue for the West Bengal government, the conditions of the workers working in tea gardens are so pathetic. They lived in temporary homes without electricity and water connection. West Bengal government Introduced This scheme in the Budget, the "Chai Sundari Scheme," for tea garden Workers to provide them with facilities for basic needs.

Benefits of the Chai Sundari Scheme

1) Providing Residence & Security – WB Chai Sundari Housing Scheme provides Social Security and residence to the needy and poor tea workers of tea estates in West Bengal.
2) Providing Pucca homes – This scheme focuses on providing Pucca houses to the needy tea estate workers, as a result of which they can also live in their own Pucca houses with their families.
3) Beneficiaries – There are almost 370 tea gardens in West Bengal, so approximately 3 lakh people will get permanent houses in the state
4) Women Security – 50 % of workers working in tea gardens are women. They live in temporary houses, so providing them Security and respect in this scheme benefits them.
5) Budget For this Scheme – West Bengal Government decided to implement this scheme will a huge budget. For This scheme, the WB State government agreed on a Budget of 500 crore Rs. used to construct New house units in the state. 

Eligibility Criteria WB Housing Scheme for Tea Garden Workers

1) Residence of West Bengal – the applicant should be a permanent resident of West Bengal and have valid residence proof.
2) Worker in the Tea Garden – This scheme is only for tea garden workers.
3) Don't have permanent homes – In WB Chai Sundari Housing Scheme 2023, the benefit will only give to the applicants who don't have permanent homes prior. If the applicant already has a permanent home, he/she will be excluded from this scheme.
4) Category and background – This scheme is only for workers from backward classes and below the poverty line.

Documents required for this scheme

1) Citizen proof – The applicant must be a permanent resident of West Bengal.
2) ID proof – Updated Aadharcard, VoterID card, or ration card.
3) Occupational certificates – Registration certificates indicating the occupation of tea workers issued by the Tea association must be submitted during the registration as this scheme is only for tea workers.
4) Declaration from Gram Panchayat – Applicant must have a declaration certificate issued by Gram Panchayat that the person lives in a temporary house.
5) BPL certificate – BPL certificate is a must for the applicant, and a copy of this certificate should be attached to the registration certificate.

How to get enrolled for West Bengal Chai Sundari Scheme

West Bengal government still needs to announce the registration process of this scheme. The state government may want to do the registrations offline to avoid any complications during registration, and maybe later, they will shift to the online portal. Government plan to avail the benefits of this scheme to the workers within the next three years, as the government is waiting for the land used for his scheme. The state government wanted to build the houses on the land leased out to tea estates; it would be a complicated issue. May be government is planning to build the houses on the government land.

West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme 2023: Apply Online, Application Form

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