West Bengal Health Scheme 2023 - How To Apply , Eligibility and Features

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West Bengal Health Scheme -  How To Apply, Eligibility and Documents Required: West Bengal Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme gives West Bengal government pensioners, officers, and employees up to Rs. 1 Lakh worth of health care services that don't cost any money. AIS officers and their families can also get coverage benefits if they are part of the plan.

The West Bengal Health for All Employees and Pensioners Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme and the WBHS 2008 were merged on September 15, 2014. This was announced in 2014.

West Bengal Health Scheme

West Bengal Health Scheme

West Bengal Health Scheme is a full-service health plan that gives the insured the best medical care possible by offering the best discounts and cashless services. In the last ten years, the West Bengal Health Scheme has changed so that government workers and retirees can get better health care.

Note that you must give the Health Care Organisation an enrollment certificate (HCO) to get benefits from a policy. But there is no need to get pre-authorization to use cashless medical services inside. The medical bill will show all the costs when the patient leaves the hospital.


The objective of the West Bengal Health Scheme

The West Bengal healthcare scheme offers Cashless Treatment and tries to give state government employees and retirees the best help they can get in terms of medical and health care. People on the current WBHS Hospital List 2023 get their pre- and post-hospitalization costs covered for up to 30 days.


Eligibility for West Bengal Health Scheme

Below are the Eligibility for West Bengal Health Scheme 

1) All government employees, retired employees, and their families can use the West Bengal health care Scheme. 
2) Aside from people who work for the State Government, anyone who has chosen this scheme as a medical allowance option can use it. 
3) All India Service officers and West Bengal pensioners can participate in this Scheme. 
4) This Scheme covers you, your spouse, your parents, any children or siblings who depend on you, and siblings who depend on you.

Features of the West Bengal Health Scheme

1) Beneficiaries of this scheme would be able to get treatment in a hospital without having to pay up to Rs. 100000/- in cash. 
2) Beneficiaries will get up to Rs. 1 lakh back for the cost of treatment inside if they submit a claim to the DDO/PSA. 
3) Beneficiaries will also get their money back for outpatient treatment costs they paid for over 30 days, for the same reason as with the indoor treatment. 
4) There will also be reimbursement for outpatient care for certain diseases.
5) Beneficiaries will also get money back for some costs related to their follow-up care. 
6) Beneficiaries will get paid back for the cost of treatment at certain speciality hospitals outside of the state.

Benefits of West Bengal Health Scheme Hospital List

The West Bengal Health Scheme covers more than 1000 types of medical care. In the table below, you can see the range of coverage for different therapies.

Type of Treatment   Number of Days Covered
Endoscopic or laparoscopic operations and normal deliveries3 – 4 days
Specialised surgeriesUp to 12 days
Major surgeries7 – 8 days
OPD and minor surgeries1 day

Register For the West Bengal Health Scheme

You must visit the West Bengal Health Department's website to sign up for the West Bengal Health Scheme. You can join as a government employee, a grant-in-aid college student, a grant-in-aid university student, or a government retired employee. 

To Register as a government employee, follow the below steps given below: 

1) Go to the West Bengal Health Scheme Portal: https://wbhealthscheme.gov.in/

West Bengal Health Scheme

2) Click on "Online Enrollment" and choose "Government Employee."

Online Enrollment 

 3) If you have a PRAN/GPF number, check the "Yes" box and fill in the rest of the information. And if you don't have the information, check the box that says "No" and choose "Non-GPF."


 4) Include details like where you live and when you were born. Save this information so you can sign up for the West Bengal Health Portal. Click "next" to move on to the next step. 

 5) Enter your name, cell phone number, address, employee number, and other personal information. i) Enter your office information.  ii) Enter your family information.

6) Upload your picture and signature online. Make sure you upload the same thing in the correct size. i) Enter information about the recipient. ii) Enter information about the primary office. 

7) Save the details. Then print out the report since you might need it later.


Customer Support Of West Bengal Health Scheme

All Hospitals: support.cmt-wb@nic.in 
(Technical) Helpline Number: 1800-102-8014 (Toll-Free)

West Bengal Health Scheme - How To Apply, Eligibility and Features

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