Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme 2023 : How to Apply , Status, Eligibility & Details

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Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme 2023 How to Apply, Status, Eligibility & Details: You can check the status of the West Bengal government's Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme 2023 online at All girls who are getting married and are over 18 years old can get a one-time payment of Rs. 25,000 at the time of their wedding. People can now find out how to apply and check the status of their WB Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme application, see if they are eligible, and see a list of the documents they need.

Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme

Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme

WB government has made the application forms available, and any teen girl can Rupashree Prakalpa Application Form PDF Download, fill it out, and send it back to get the benefits. This plan will help poor families who borrow a lot of money for their daughters' weddings and live in depression. With a total cost of Rs. 1500 crore, this programme is giving help to about 6 lakh girls from poorer families.

Overviews of the Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme

Scheme NameRupashree Prakalpa Scheme
launch Year2023
Scheme launch byWest Bengal
Beneficiaries Adult Women of West Bengal

Eligibility Criteria:

Every woman planning a wedding is eligible for this scheme if her application meets the below requirements.
1) She is at least 18 years old and has never been married as of the application's due date.
2) She will be making her wedding vows for the first time.
3) She was either born in West Bengal, has lived there for at least the past five years, or both of her parents are long-term West Bengal residents.
4) Her family's annual income is at most Rs. 1.5 lakh per annum.
5) Her future husband-to-be is over the age of 21.
6) She is the single owner of a current bank account in her name. The bank must have an IFS and MICR code and participate in NEFT for the account to be valid.

Documents Required:

To complete your application, please include the following documents.  

1)  Proof of applicant’s age: A photocopy of the following you have attested to yourself: Documents like a birth certificate, voter ID card, PAN card, Madhyamik exam admit card, AADHAR card, and primary school completion certificate are all acceptable.
2) Never-married Status: Self-declaration on the application form
3) Family income: Self-declaration that has been signed off by a Competent Authority
4) Proof of Residence: Self-declaration verified by a Competent Authority
5) Bank Account: Self-attested photocopy of a page from the account holder's bank book that shows his or her name, account number, bank address, IFSC code, and other information.
6) Proof of proposed marriage: Notice for Registration of Marriage / Marriage Invitation Card
Proof of prospective groom’s age: Birth certificate, voter ID card, PAN card, Madhyamik admit card, AADHAR card, or primary school leaving certificate (attested by prospective spouse)
7) Photographs of the applicant and the prospective groom in passport-size colour.


How to Apply for Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme

The steps needed to apply are listed below. 

1) Applicants must go to the local Gram Panchayat, municipal office, Block Development Officers, or Subdistrict Development Officers.
2) You can get a form for the Rupashree Prakalpa scheme from the person in charge of the program.
3) The applicant can also get a copy of the application by going to the website and getting it. The registration form is available online and is listed below for your convenience:
4) If you choose to register online, go to the main website of Rupashree Prakalpa (
5) When the site loads, the login form will show up on the homepage itself.
6) Enter your login and password. Just click on the "Sign in" button.
7) Next, ensure the application has all the important information by filling it out fully and bringing it to the office with the other required documents.
8) After the receiving officer reviews the application form, they will give the candidate a properly filled-out, signed, and stamped acknowledgement sheet.
9) The approved money will be sent by IFMS to the applicant's bank account. The money will be sent at least five days before the wedding.

Steps Check Rupashree Prakalpa Status

1) The direct link to check the Rupashree Prakalpa status is The page to check the status of an application for the Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme will look like this:

Check Rupashree Prakalpa Status 

 2) To check the Rupashree Status, enter the applicant ID and year and click the "Submit" button. The Rupashree programme of the West Bengal government gives money to 2.5 lakh poor brides. The wedding of a daughter is a joyous occasion.

Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme 2023: How to Apply, Status, Eligibility & Details

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