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Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme 2023 - Registration Online: Odisha's government has opened the Odisha Sumangal Yojana Online Portal at sumangal.odisha.gov.in. This Sumangala Yojana would make it easier for people from different castes to get married. People can apply online for an incentive award for a marriage between people of different castes on the official website. It is essential to social integration and eliminating the "untouchable" label. There is a rule that says intercaste couples who get married between Hindus and Scheduled Castes who are also Hindus will get a cash incentive.

Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

Intercaste marriages can be a big step toward eliminating caste bias, ending untouchability, and spreading the world's values of freedom, equality, and brotherhood. So, the state government of Odisha has made a website called sumangal.odisha.gov.in where people can apply for an incentive to marry someone from a different caste.

Objective Of Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

Numerous objectives will be met by implementing this scheme, one of which is to create social integration and eliminate untouchability. The people will be able to overcome the superiority of the higher caste, and they will be able to move forward without even a trace of untouchability. Along with all of the other procedures, cash incentives will be provided to the people to encourage more individuals to enter into inter-caste marriages. People getting married for the first time will be allowed to use the portal's services.


Documents Required for Odisha Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme

The following documents are required for the Incentive Award for Inter Caste Marriage: 
1) Scanned photo of the Marriage Certificate.
2) Scanned photo of the caste certificate of both spouses stating there in the community and the sub-caste to which they belong;
3) Scanned photo of couple( husband & wife ).
4) Scanned photo copy of the Declaration form duly signed: ANNEXURE II & Annexure-IV.
5) Scanned photo of the joint bank passbook of a couple in any Govt./Nationalized Bank.

Who can Apply Online for Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

1) Inter-caste marriages between Hindu castes and Scheduled Castes within the Hindu community are common. The marriage must be legal and properly recorded under the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955
2) Both spouses must be Indian citizens, permanent residents of Odisha, and follow the Hindu religion.
3) One of the spouses must be a member of one of India's scheduled castes, as defined in Article 341 of the Indian Constitution.
4) An incentive for acquiring land/essential household items or establishing a business would be provided.
5) There is no motivation for a second or subsequent marriage.

Inter Caste Marriage Incentive in Odisha

According to the Chief Minister, interethnic marriages strengthen social unity and minimise racial discrimination while fostering equality and peaceful coexistence. Beneficiaries can get Rs 2.5 lakh within 60 days of applying on the portal.

The programme benefits around 6,00,000 pupils through the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Tribes Development Department alone. Odisha is a model for other states to follow to bring about change through five Schemes.


How to Apply For Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

To Apply on the portal, you just need to follow the simple steps below: 

Odisha Inter Caste Marriage

2) You need to click the "Register here."

Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

3) If you have already signed up, you just need to enter your phone number, password, OTP, and captcha code to log in. 

4) The form to sign up will show up on your screen.

5) Enter your details

6) Enter your name, password, phone number, address, district, block, city, and all the other information. And Type in the code.

7) Click on the "sign up" button your registration process will be completed.

Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

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