Best 5 News Apps for Latest Headlines and Updates

 Best 5 News Apps for Latest Headlines and Updates: News aggregators are used by millions of people daily to stay up to date with what's happening around the world and at the place where you are, most people use news aggregator apps to bookmark and manage the lists of internet articles so that they can read it later, this news apps provide you with the timely news alerts which can be accessible in your mobile phone’s notification panels. In this day-to-day busy lifestyle, most people don’t read the complete news, so they prefer to read the summary of the particular news topic. As a result, news aggregators provide users with brief summaries of the news, usually around 60 words long. In addition to saving users time, it keeps them up-to-date with the latest and trending news. So, if you are looking for the best news apps available today in the market, then you need to check out these best 5 news aggregator apps available in the google play store or iOS app store

Best 5 News Apps

Best 5 News Apps for Latest Headlines 

1) Dailyhunt: A user can view short videos according to the news via its short videos feature. The app allows you to select your locations and topics of interest. In Dailyhunt, you can scroll through the news as you can with social media stories or reels, with images and a one-line news summary. The Dailyhunt app lets you listen to trending podcasts on the go.
Dailyhunt app is available on both the Android play store and also on Apple app store

2) News Prime: NewsPrime app is the newest of all, but it’s a simple and user-friendly news aggregator app which provides you with summarized news; the news can be expanded to the brief by clicking the read more button under the news. NewsPrime showcases almost all the news categories, which can be accessible by just swiping left or right according to your news category interest. Additionally, you can choose which country and language you wish to read the news in.
The News Prime app is available only on the Android Play store

3) Inshorts: Inshorts is also a simple & user-friendly app with features loaded like bookmarks, default categories like trending & top stories, quote of the day, recent notifications, and short insights, which works similarly to social media stories like an image with its short description, polls, there are a few interesting puzzles of the day with a description to help you solve it, and the results are provided the following day.
The Inshorts app is available on both the Android play store and also on Apple app store

4) News Point:  Aside from providing the latest trending news, the News Point app also includes astrology, games, quizzes, live cricket scores, etc. This app includes the ability to read or listen to exclusive news and to watch top news videos. Additionally, the app features a live news section where you can watch or listen to live news from various news channels.
News Point app is available on the Android Play store & also has the web version of the app. 

5) Way2News app: Way2News app provides you access to read the news in your own local language & can download the news or bookmark it to read it later; this news aggregator app has a column of shareable images that features short quotes, jokes, and you can create your own birthday images by adding text and images to it and sharing them on social media in a single action.
The Way2News app is available on both the Android play store and also on Apple app store

Above all the 5 best news apps, you will be taken to the original source of the news summarized in these apps by clicking the news headlines. Download any of these best 5 news aggregator apps and stay updated with the latest news around you or globally. You can go through the news according to your interests and select the categories accordingly.

Best 5 News Apps for Latest Headlines and Updates

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