Nanded District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State

Nanded District - Overview of District and talukas in Maharashtra State: Nanded is one of Maharashtra's districts in the state's southeastern part. The district headquarter is Nanded city. Nanded district borders are Latur, Parbhani and Hingoli districts on the west, Yavatmal district in the north, Telangana on the east and Karnataka on the south. The Nanded district area is 10528 square kilometres. The rural area is 10,286 square kilometres, and the urban area is 241.31 square kilometres.

Nanded District


Overview of Nanded District

Nanded district lies at a distance of 647 kilometres from Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. Nanded district population is 33,61,292. 24,47,393 people live in rural areas, and 9,13,898 live in urban areas. Female population is 16,31,217 and male population is 17,30,075. Population density is 319 persons per square kilometre. There are 943 females for every 1000 males. The literacy percentage is 75.45. People in this district speak Marathi, Hindi and Urdu. Telugu, Kannada and the other languages that are spoken. Summers are very hot, and the temperature can go up to 48 degrees in Nanded. In winter, the temperature can go down to 4 degrees Celsius.


History of Nanded District

The Nanded region has a long history. The name of the place is mentioned even in Mahabharata. This is said to be the place of Bharat's maternal grandparents. The region is ruled by Andhrabhrtyas and Satavahanas. Nanda dynasty also ruled the area in the 4th century. The region was earlier a part of the Maurya Empire and Ashoka's empire. In the 10th century, Rashtrakutas ruled the place, and the Kandhar fort was constructed by him. Nanded was under the Nizams in 1636. It became part of Hyderabad state in 1725 and remained part of it till 1956. Then it was merged into the Bombay Presidency. Maharashtra state was formed in 1960, and Nanded became one of its districts.


Tourist Places in Nanded District

The Nanded district has many important tourist places. Nanded fort is the most popular tourist destination and is nearly 4 kilometres from Nanded railway station. Hottal in Degloor Taluka is famous for the temple of Lord Siddheshwar. Takhat Sachkhand Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sabhi is a popular Gurudwara and houses the mortal remains of the 10th Sikh guru. This is built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Many other temples, forts, and historic buildings in the Nanded district are worth visiting. Nanded has an airport and is also well connected by rail and roadways.


Talukas in Nanded District of Maharashtra State

Nanded District has 16 talukas. We have listed below table all talukas of the Nanded District.

Ardhapur Umri Kandhar
Kinwat Deglur Dharmabad
Nanded Naigaon (Khairgaon) Biloli
Bhokar Mahoor Mukhed
Mudkhed Loha Hadgaon

Nanded District With Talukas & Tourist Places

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