Latur District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State

Latur District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State: Latur is one of the districts in Maharashtra state. District headquarter is Latur. The city is located on the banks of River Panchaganga. Latur district population is 2.454,196 as per the 2011 census. 1.273,140 is males and 1,182,056 are females. Latur district population percentage in the total Maharashtra population is 2.18 per cent.
Latur district usually has a moderate temperature. In summer, the temperatures are between 28 and 39.6 degrees centigrade. Agriculture is the primary source of income for people in Latur. Pulses, oilseeds, grapes and cereals are grown here. People mostly speak Marathi, the official language of the state.

Latur District

Overview of Latur District

Latur district borders Osmanabad in the southwest, Nanded district in the east, southwest, Beed district in the northwest and Parbani district in the north. Latur district area is 7157 square kilometres. Population density is 343 per square kilometre. The sex ratio is 928 females per 1000 males. There are five subdivisions: Katur, Ausa Renapur, Nilanga, Udigir and Ahmedpur. These are further divided into ten Talukas – Latur, Ausa, Ranapur, Nilanga, Shirur Anantpal, Deoni, Udigir, Jalkot, Ahmedpur and Chakur. There are six assembly constituencies in the Latur district. These are the Latur rural, Udagir, Ausa, Nilanga and Ahmedapur. The Lok Sabha constituencies are Latur and Osmanabad.

History of Latur District

Latur district region was ruled by Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas of Badami and others. Latur city was built by King Amoghavarshal. The Satavahanas, Sakas, Chalukyas, Yadavas, Delhi Sultans, Bhamani rulers, Adilshahi and the Mughals are other dynasties that rule. Later it became part of Hyderabad. It was a part of the Osmanabad district. After Hyderabad merged with the Indian union, the Osmanabad district became a part of Bombay province. Maharashtra state was created in the year 1960. In 1982, the Latur district was formed out of the Osmanabad district.

Tourist Places in Latur District

Latur district is well connected by rail and roadways. The nearest airport is Aurangabad. The district has many religious and historical places that attract tourists. The best time to visit the Latur district is the winter season – from November to February. This season is cool and pleasant. Some tourist Places in the Latur district include the Bhavani mandap, Katyayanii Devi temple, Mahalaxmi temple, Panhala fort and Hill station, Rankala lake, Shankaracharya’s Cloister and Vishalgad Fort. Ausa, Kahrosa, Nilogna and Udgir are other places of interest. Tourists also visit Siddheshwar temple, Viraat Hanuman and Nana Nani park etc.

Talukas in Latur District of Maharashtra State

Below we have listed 10 talukas in the Latur District of Maharashtra State :

Latur Ahmadpur Ausa
Udgir Chakur Jalkot
Nilanga Devani ShirurAnantpal

Latur District With Talukas & Tourist Places

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