Kolhapur District - Overview of District and Talukas in Maharashtra State

Kolhapur District - Overview of District and Talukas in Maharashtra State: Kolhapur district in Maharashtra state is the 9th largest district and has Belgaum district in the south, Ratnagiri district in the west, Sangli district in the east and Sindhudurg district in the south. In the east, it shares borders with Karnataka state. Its headquarter is Kolhapur. It is at a distance of 346 kilometres from Mumbai, the state capital of Maharashtra. Kolhapur district area is 7692 square kilometres. The district is leading in agro-based industries. Engineering products, sugar and textiles are also manufactured here.

Kolhapur District


Overview of Kolhapur District

Kolhapur district is divided into twelve talukas. These are Shahuwadi, Panhala, Hatkanangale, Shirol, Karveer, Gaganbavada, Radhanagari, Kagal, Bhudargad, Ajara, Gandhiglaj and Chandgad. There are 1212 villages in these talukas. Kolhapur district population is 3874015. Among which 1983623 are male and 1890392 are females. Marathi is the most spoken language of the people here.
There are Chandgad, Radhanagari, Kagal, Kolhapur south, Karvir, Kolhapur north, Hatkanangale, Ichalkaranji, Shahuwadi and Shirol. Parliament constituencies are Kolhapur and Hatkanangle. History of Kolhapur District.

History of Kolhapur

The history of the Kolhapur region is divided into Hindu, Muslim and Maratha periods. The region is under different rulers such as Kadambas, Andhrabhrtyas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Western Chalukyas, Kolhapur Silaharas and Yadavas. The area then came under Bhamani kings in 1347. Then it was under the rule of Shivaji and Aurangzeb. In the year 1884, Kolhapur state existed with Karvir, Panhala, Shirol, Ajra, Gandhinglaj and Bhudargaad subdivisions. The state was merged with the Indian nation in the year 1948. In 1949, the Kolhapur district was formed with 956 villages. In 1956, the district became a part of Bombay state. Then it became a part of Maharashtra in 1960.


Tourist Places in Kolhapur District

Tourist Places in Kolhapur district are many depending on the interest of the tourist. The district is well connected by road, rail and airways. Religious people can visit the Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple, Ambani temple, Jyotiba temple, Nursinhwadi temple etc. Pavangadh, Khidrapur, Pawankhind, Shahu Janmasthal, Nesari Samangadh, and Mahipalgadh are a few heritage and historical sites that are most visited. There is also the Radhanagari dam, Kalammawadi dam, Patgaon dam, and Manoli dams in the district. Nature lovers can visit the Shivaji university botanical garden, Radhanagar forest, Chandoli national park, Morjai plateau, Vishalgadh road etc. Chandrakant Mandare art gallery, Bhalaji Pendharkar kaladalan, Bavdekar museum are other tourist attractions in Kolhapur district. People love tasting the non-veg food of Kolhapur and also Misal, Rajabhau bhel etc. Kolhapur chappal is world famous are the most purchased item by tourists.

Tehsils in Kolhapur District

The district is divided into twelve talukas for administrative purposes, each tehsil as indicated below.

Shahuwadi Panhala Hatkanangale
Shirol Karveer Gaganbavada
Radhanagari Kagal Bhudargad
Ajara Gadhinglaj Chandgad

Kolhapur District - Overview of District and Talukas

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