Gondia District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State

Gondia District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State: Gondia district is an administrative district in the state of Maharashtra. The headquarters of the district is Gondia. Gondia district area is 5,234 square kilometres. This district is a part of the Nagpur division. This is one of the underdeveloped districts of the state with no major industries. Paddy is the major crop grown here and so there are many rice mills in the district.

Gondia District


Overview of Gondia District

Gondia district in Maharashtra is divided into four sub-divisions. These are Gondia, Deori, Morgaon Arjuni and Tiroda. It is further divided into 8 talukas and 9 panchayats. Gondia district population as per the 2011 census is 1,322,507. Among these 661,554 are male and the female population is 665,554. There are 999 females per every 1000 males in the district.
Of the 5,234 square kilometres area, 5140 square kilometres are rural and 94 square kilometres are urban areas. People in the Gondia district speak the Marathi language. There are six assembly constituencies namely Gondia, Tiroda, Goregaon, Amgaon, Lakhandur and Sakoli. The district has the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh in the north, the Side Rajinandgaon of Chhattisgarh district in the east, and Chandrapur and Bhandara districts in the south and west respectively. The district headquarters Gondia is at a distance of 1060 kilometres from the state capital Mumbai. Summers are very hot in the Gondia district and winters are very cold. It receives rainfall in June, July, August and September.

History of Gondia District

Gondia district was formed out of Bhanra district in 1999. Before this, the region was part of Bombay province. The region was under the Hihaya Rajput kings, Hindu kings, the Ratanpur dynasty, Peshwas, Nizams, and the British government of India and then was transferred to Central provinces.

Tourist Places in Gondia District

Gondia district is well connected by roads and railways. There is one airport also at Birsi. Gondia Tirora and Amgaon are important railway stations.
Important Tourist Places in the district include the Navegaon national park, Nagzira wildlife sanctuary, Kachargadh caves, Hazra Falls, and Padampur village which is the birthplace of Bhavabhuti and Chulbandh dam. There is also Dakram Sukdi which has the popular Chakradhar swami temple and also a Tibetan camp situated at Gothangaon. In Pratapgadh, there is a 30 ft high idol of Lord Shiva.
Navegaon national park houses 209 species of birds, 9 species of reptiles and also tigers, panthers, jungle cats, wolf and jackals. Kachargdh caves are natural caves which are 25000 years old. The place is very popular with trekkers as it is situated in dense forests.

Talukas of Gondia District

The Gondia District has 8 Talukas. We Have Listed All the Talukas below in the Table:

Gondia Tiroda Goregaon
Deori Amgaon Salekasa
Arjuni Morgaon Sadak Arjuni

Gondia District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State

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