Chandrapur District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State

Chandrapur District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State: Chandrapur is one of the districts in Maharashtra state in India. The district belongs to the Nagpur division. Chandrapur district occupies a space in the list of largest districts in Maharashtra. Located in the eastern part, this district is very near Nagpur. It has Bhandara, Wardha and Nagpur states around it. Chandrapur district population is 2194262. Population density is 155 per square meter. The literacy rate of the district is 59.41.

Chandrapur District


Overview of Chandrapur District

Chandrapur district in Maharashtra is divided into 15 talukas. They are Chandrapur, Ballarpur, Rajura, Bhadravati, Warora, Chimur, Nagbhid, Brahmhapuri, Sindewahi, Mul, Sawali, Gondpipri, Korpana, Pombhurna and Jiwati. The headquarters of the district is Chandrapur. Chandrapur district area is 11.443 square kilometres.
Marathi is the prime language spoken in the district. Gonds in Chandrapur speak the Gondi language. There are 2 Lok Sabha constituencies and 6 assembly constituencies. The number of gram panchayats is 847, and the number of villages is 1836. The climate of the Chandrapur district is tropical. Summers are hot, and winters are pleasant. There are many cement factories like Ultra Tech cement, Gujarat Ambuja and ACC cement in the Chandrapur district.


History of Chandrapur District

Chandrapur district in Maharashtra has first known as a 'Chanda' district. In the year 1964, it was given its present name. It was also called the 'Lokapura', which was first changed to 'Indpur'. The region is said to be under the rule of Hindu and Buddhist kings for a long time. Later, Gonds ruled the area from the 9th century till 1751. After this, Maratha rulers ruled this region, and the last Maratha king to rule was Raghuji Bhonsale. It was under the British until independence, and the district's boundaries were unchanged from 1911 to 1955. Reorganization of the states was done in 1956 when the district was transferred to Bombay state. It became a part of Maharashtra in 1960.

Tourist Places in Chandrapur District

Important tourist Places in the Chandrapur district include the Mahakali temple, which is visited by many devotees, especially on Tuesdays. The temple is dedicated to Mahakali. This district has three important forts – Ballalpur, Chandrapur and Manikgarh forts. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is another place of interest for tourists who visit the district. This is one of the 28 tiger reserves in India. We can see tigers, chital, Sambar, barking deer and other animals here. Another attraction in the forest is the flying squirrels. Junona Lake, Ghora Jhari Lake, Bhadravati Jain temple etc., also can be visited.

Talukas in Chandrapur District

Below is the table we have listed the Talukas in Chandrapur District :

Chandrapur Ballarpur Warora
Rajura Bramhapuri Mul
Chimur Gondpipri

Chandrapur District With Talukas & Tourist Places

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