5 Best Friends & Family Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

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5 Best Friends & Family Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone: Do you want to ensure your family is always secure by utilising a location tracker app, or are you seeking a free family tracker App that can let you track where your loved ones are as well? Is it a never-ending struggle to give your loved ones freedom while also needing to know where they are? A family tracker app is an excellent compromise.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, a family tracker app for Android or iPhone can help you find and locate a smartphone. All you need is a smartphone and a family location tracker app. However, with so many family tracking applications available, picking the appropriate one for you may be difficult. We've collected a list of the best family tracker apps for Android and iPhone to assist you in finding the best one for you.

5 Best Friends & Family Tracker Apps

5 Best Friends & Family Tracker Apps

5 Best Location Tracker / Family Tracker Apps

1. FamiSafe 
2. Amigo360 
3. Life360 Family Locator 
4. Sygic Family Locator 
5. Glympse

1) Famisafe: Famisafe is our first recommendation. It is one of the top free family tracker apps for Android and iOS. It was also rated Wondershare.com's best dependable parental control app, featuring many features and capabilities to assist you in keeping track of your family. If your phone has GPS, you may use the Famisafe Parental Control App to keep track of your busy family without troubling them all day. You can conduct a quick location check from your phone or workplace computer to ensure your youngster arrives on time for morning dance practice. This app uses geo-fencing and real-time location tracking. It lets you view their whereabouts with a street address and landmark, set up a safe zone and receive real-time notifications when the child departs and enters the Geo-fence. This tool is fantastic for tracking and protecting children. Furthermore, this app is password encrypted, so only parents and carers can know where their children are. This is a parental control programme that includes the features that most parents want.

Features of the App:- 

-Screen Time Control
-Track screen time kids spend online
-Remotely screen-time schedule daily or weekly app usage
-Phone Activity Report
-Explicit Contents Detection
-View TikTok History
-Tracking App: Location Tracker & GPS Phone Tracker
-App/Game blocker & Usage
-Website Filter and Brower History
-Suspicious Photos Detection
-Suspicious Text Detection
-Drive Safely

2) Amigo360: Amigo360 is our Next recommendation. It is one of the top free family tracker apps for Android. Using the Amigo360 Family Locator App, you can identify your family's location on a live map using your phone's GPS location; it's a clever method to follow your family's whereabouts in real time. You must download the Amigo360 location tracking and Family locator app to your desired mobile device, register with their mobile number, add them to your group, and begin tracking them. This is the most effective Family Locator App.
You don't need separate apps to keep track of your friends, family, employees, and vehicles. Track your family's whereabouts and safety with the "Family Locator app." Friends Location Tracking lets you track your friends' locations on a map. Similarly, you can keep track of your on-the-ground staff at all times. Vehicle tracking is also feasible with the help of the family to locate the app.

Features of the App:-
-Tracking App: Location Tracker & GPS Phone Tracker
-Create multiple Circles
-Real-time traffic
-Family GPS location history with trips and places visited by all members of your group.
-Overspeed Alerts.
-Notification Alerts

3) Life360 Find Family & Friends: Life360 was created with the whole family. It's a family location tracker app that allows you to keep track of your family's whereabouts and monitor their location history. You can also converse within this app, which will delight your family. Life360 is extremely easy to use and absolutely free. Another great feature of this app is that if your kids get into a car and start driving, it will instantly locate their phone and place it on the map. The software does more than just tell you where they're going; it follows them and shows you where they're going. Download the app from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Features of the App:-
Real-Time Location Sharing
Finding Family

4) Sygic Family Locator: Sygic's family GPS tracker is our fourth recommended app. A Sygic family locator App could be a good option for you. It allows you to know where your children are in real-time and communicate with them for free. It is accessible for both Android and iPhone.

5) Glympse: Glympse provides real-time information on the whereabouts of family members. Glympse allows you to instantly learn about other family members' GPS positions.
You have to launch the Glympse app, tap the "New Glympse" option, and then text or email the person you want to track. The message or email contains a link. You will receive their location information on your phone when they click on this link. This gives you real-time information on where someone is at any given time.
Glympse differs from other location tracker apps because you do not need to install apps on another individual's device. It just opens the link you sent using the phone's browser. Glympse is one of the most excellent free family tracker apps accessible right now because of this functionality. Download the app from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

When looking for a family tracker app, the first thing to remember is to ensure the developers are reputable and reliable. It's not that difficult to find a good family tracker app; all you need to do is decide what you want to do: track the location, prevent roaming, set boundaries, monitor your children's behaviour, call them, or make sure they can contact you, or have them press the SOS button whenever they are in danger. Start looking for an app that satisfies your requirements once you've listed the most important characteristics. Families, be careful!

5 Best Friends & Family Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

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