Buldhana District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State

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Buldhana District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State: Buldhana is one of the districts in Maharashtra state. The headquarters of the district is Buldhana and the boundaries are Madhya Pradesh is in the north, Akola and Washim districts are in the east, parbhani and Jalna districts are in the south and Jalna and Jalgaon districts are on the west side of it. Buldhana district area is 9,640 kilometers. Summers are hot and dry in summer and very cold in winter. The area receives rainfall between June and September from South West mansoon.

Buldhana District


Overview of Buldhana District

Buldhana district in Amaravathi division is at a distance of 500 kilometres from Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. Buldhana district population, according to the 2011 census is 2586258. Among this, male population is 1337560 and female population is 1248698. The sex ratio is 934 females for every 1000 males. 548860 people live in urban areas and 2037398 people live in rural areas. Population density is 268 per square kilometre. The literacy rate of the state is 83.4. Male literacy rate is higher in the district with 90.54 and the female literacy rate is only 75.84.
Buldhana district has six revenue divisions Buldhana, Mehkar, Khamgaon, Malkapur, Jalgaon-Jamod and Sindkhedraja. There are thirteen talukas namely Buldhana, Chikhli, Deulgaon Raja, Malkapur, Motala, Nandura, Mehkar, Sindkhed Raja, Lonar, Khamgaon, Shegaon, Jalgaon Jamod and Sangrampur. There is one Lok Sabha seat namely Buldhana and seven assembly constituencies.

History of Buldhana District

Buldhana region was in the Berar province and was ruled by different dynasties such as Vidarbha, Maurya, Satavahana dyanasty, Vakataka Dynasty, Chalukya Dynasty, Rashtrakuta Dynasty, Yadava Dynasty, and later by Mughal empires and Nizams. In 1853, the district was under British East India Company. In the year 1853, the district was divided into east and west Berar and Buldhana district was included in West Berar. In 1950 it became part of Madhya Pradesh. In 1960 it became part of the newly formed state of Maharashtra.

Tourist Places in Buldhana District

There are many attractive Tourist Places in the Buldhana district. The region is popular for its scenic beauty and pleasant atmosphere. Famous tourist attractions are Shri Renuka Devi temple, Balaji temple in Mekhr, Deulgaon Raja, Ambabarva and Dnyanganga sanctuaries etc. there is a biggest Hanuman idol which is the biggest in the world in Nandura. Local handicrafts and artefacts can be found in this district. The district is well connected by road, rail and airways.

Talukas in Buldhana District

Buldhana District has 14 talukas. We have listed all the talukas Buldhana District in below table.

Buldhana Chikhli Deulgaon
Raja Malkapur Motala
Nandura Mehkar Sindkhed Raja
Lonar Khamgaon Shegaon
Jalgaon Jamod Sangrampur

Buldhana District With Talukas & Tourist Places

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