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Beed District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State

Beed District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra : Beed district is one of the 36 districts in Maharashtra. Beed District has 11 talukas.
Beed District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State: Beed district is one of the 36 districts in Maharashtra. The headquarters of the district is Beed. The Beed district area is around 10,693 square kilometres. This is 3.44% of the entire Maharashtra state. The district is surrounded by Aurangabad and Jalna in the north, Ahmednagar and Osmanabad in the south, Ahmednagar in the west and Parbhani and Latur in the east. The district has 1404 villages. According to the 2011 census, the population of the Beed district is 2585962. Among these male population is 1352468, and the female population is 1233494. There are 11 talukas in the Beed district, and these include Ambejogai, Ashti, Beed, Dharur, Georai, Kaij, Majalgaon, Parli, Patoda, Shirur and Wadwani.

Beed District


Overview of Beed District

Most of the Beed district population depends on agriculture for a living. Agriculture in this district depends on monsoon rains. The lands in the district are helpful for agriculture. The main crops grown in this district are cotton, wheat, cereals, wheat, pulses etc. government helps the farmers adopt new technologies in agriculture, which resulted in an increase in production. Marathi is the language spoken in this district. Many higher education institutions help the higher literacy rate of the district.


History of Beed District

There are many rulers and kingdoms in the history of Beed districts. This part of Marathwada was under the rule of Nizam until the 19th century. Later it joined the Indian republic. Marathwada region had four districts earlier, all four being part of Nizam’s kingdom. After it was included in the Bombay state. This was done after 1956 the reorganizations of states. In 1960, the Bombay district was bifurcated into Maharashtra and Gujarat. Beed and other districts of the Marathwada region have become a part of Maharashtra since then.


Tourist Places in Beed District

Beed has many ancient and historical sites and monuments, natural sites and temples. Parli Vaijnath temple, Yogishwari temple, Majagaon Dam, Kankaleshwar temple, Jama masjid, Mansur Shah tomb, and Khandoba temple are popular tourist attractions destinations in the Beed district. It is believed that Jatayu died fighting Ravana when Ravana was abducting Sita Mata. A temple is found at the site of his death.

It is easy to reach Tourist Places in the Beed district by bus. Buses are available from most of the bus stands of Maharashtra state road transport corporation. Aurangabad is the nearest airport and is also well connected by train.

Talukas in Beed District

Beed District has 11 talukas which are listed below.

Beed Gevrai Majalgaon
Dharur Wadwani Parli
Patoda Ashti Shirur Kasar
Ambajogai Kaij

Beed District With Talukas & Tourist Places