Akola District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State

Akola District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State: Akola district is in the central part of the Amaravati division and is one of the most important districts among 37 districts of Maharashtra state. The district headquarter is in Akola. Akola district population, as per the 2011 census, is around 18 lakhs; there are 932,334 males and 991,572 females. The district showed a population growth of 11.27% since the 2001 census. And this is 1.61% of Maharashtra's population. Population density per square kilometre is 320. Boundaries of Akola district are Washim district in the south, Buldhana district in the west, and Gavilgad hills in the north.

Akola District


Overview of Akola District

Akola district area is 5428 square kilometres. There are 7 talukas in the Akola district: Akola, Telhara, Balapur, Barshitakli, Murtijapur and Patur. The primary language spoken here is And. The climate of this district is tropical. People mostly wear cotton clothes. Usually, the temperature crosses 40 degrees in summer, and the lowest temperature in winter is around 13 degrees.
Cotton and jawar are the main crops grown in the district. The number of Oil and pulse mills is higher. The district economy is mainly based on agriculture. Presently Soybean is being developed in the district.

History of Akola District

Akola was the headquarters of the west Berar district, one of the two districts of Berar. Akola district was a part of Nizam's dominion before it was given to the East India Company in 1853. After the reorganization of states in 1956, Akola district was a part of Madhya Pradesh, then it was a part of Bombay state, and finally, it came under Maharashtra state in 1960. In 1998, the Akola district was divided into Akola and Washim districts. Presently there are Akola, Balapur, Patur, Barshitakli, Murtizjapur, Akit and Telhara talukas in the district and the district headquarter is Akola.

Tourist Places in Akola District

Akola is famous for its rivers, forts, temples and mosques. Though the district has historical, archaeological, wildlife and religious attractions, there is no proper marketing to promote it as a tourist attraction. Akola is visited by tourists from neighbouring states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka etc. Akola district has many forts. Important forts are Akola, Narnala, Akot and Balapur fort. Katepurna sanctuary, Narnala wildlife sanctuary, and Nehru Park are popular picnic spots. Narsing Maharaj temple, Baladeva temple, Birla Ram Mandir, and Lord Mahadeo cave are religious Tourist Places in Akola. The district is well connected by road and railway. However, buses are more popular for travelling longer distances. Tourists also hire minivans and buses to visit their favourite places.

Tehsils in Akola District

There are 7 Tehsils in Akola District. In the below table, we have mentioned all the Tehsils in the Akola district in Maharashtra state.

Akola Balapur Patur
Barshitakali Murtizapur Akot

Akola District With Talukas & Tourist Places

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