Ahmednagar District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State

Ahmednagar District With Talukas & Tourist Places in Maharashtra State: Ahmednagar is the biggest district in Maharashtra. This lies in the central part of the state. The area of the district is 17048 sq. km, which is 5.6 per cent of the total area of Maharashtra state. Ahmednagar district population also makes the district one of the largest in the state, and the population per the 2011 census is 4,543,159. Boundaries of the district are Nashik on the north, Beed and Osmanabad districts on the east, Solapur in the south and Aurangabad in the northeast. The west boundaries are Thane and Pune districts. The district has 7 revenue divisions and 14 talukas

Ahmednagar District

Ahmednagar District With Talukas

Overview of Ahmednagar District

The headquarters of Ahmednagar district is Ahmednagar which is well connected by rail and road services. Ahmednagar district area, as mentioned above, is 17048 sq. km. population density is 266. There are 14 talukas – Nagar, Sangamner, Nevasa, Rahuri, Rahta, Shrigonda, Kopargaon, Akola, Shrirampur, Parer, Pathardi, Shevgaon, Karjat and Jamkhed. Number of villages is 1584, 14 panchayat samitis, 1311 gram panchayats and 1 municipal corporation. Two parliamentary constituencies of the district are Akole, and the Major rivers of the district are Godavari and Bhima.
Ahmednagar district has many specialities. It is the leader in the cooperative sector; the country's first cooperative sugar factory was set up in 1959. There are 19 sugar factories. There are also around 5295 cooperative societies of different types in the district. Ahmadnagar, the district's headquarters, has many industries, including cotton and leather processing. Agriculture is the main occupation in the district, but the rainfall is unreliable. The most irrigated crop is sugarcane.

History of Ahmednagar District

The Ahmednagar district was formed in 1818 after the Marathi army was defeated in the third Anglo-Marathi war in 1818. After that, it was part of Bombay's presidency in the British era. The present district is formed in the year 1960. The name of the district is taken after Ahmednagar town. Earlier, the vicinity was ruled by Andhrabrityas, Rashtrakutas, Western Chalukyas, Deogiri Yadavs, Bahmanis and Marathas.

Tourist Places in Ahmednagar District Include

Ahmednagar district has many historical and natural tourist places. It is full of forts, temples, parks and unique and special viewpoints. The Temple of Saibaba in Shirdi is one of the most popular pilgrim centres. Lakhs of devotees visit the temple throughout the year from all nooks and corners of India. Other tourist attractions include Ahmednagar Fort, Cavalry tank museum, Meherabad, Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary, Siddheshwar Temple, Kapurbawdi Lake etc.

Talukas in Ahmednagar District

Ahmednagar District is divided into 7 Revenue Divisions & 14 Tahsils. Below the table, we have listed all the talukas of Ahmednagar District.

Nagar Newasa Karjat
Jamkhed Pathardi Shevgaon
Shrigonda Parner Sangamner
Akole Rahata Kopargaon
Shrirampur Rahuri

Ahmednagar District With Talukas

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