How to Quickly Import Zoho Mail to Gmail Account on Mac OS?

How to Quickly Import Zoho Mail to Gmail Account on Mac OS?: Zoho presents a variety of online software solutions like Office suite applications, CRM tools, and an email platform. A user can get free access to all these utilities from a single account login on the Zoho application. Zoho Mail offers email management to enterprises to get custom space-based email addresses for each one of the customers inside the association. Zoho mail offers a prominent email solution for business and organizational needs.
Gmail is a free email service client provided by Google. It is an open-source and dynamically used cloud email client. Any users can access the Gmail email service either through the internet or from the Gmail application on any Mac device. Many users want to import Zoho mail to Gmail on Mac due to Gmail's advanced security features.

How to Quickly Import Zoho Mail to Gmail Account on Mac OS?

In this blog, we have explored the method to transfer Zoho mail to Gmail on Mac OS. But before proceeding, we will know about some of the reasons to migrate Zoho to Gmail email on Mac.

Why do users need to Import Zoho Account to Gmail on Mac?

Users are well known that Gmail provides various customizable options for a rich email experience. Zoho is especially compatible for business purposes while Gmail is developed for individual as well as business purposes. Moreover, there are various features that influence the users to import Zoho mail to Gmail on Mac. 
  • Zoho mail has limited data storage while Gmail provides unlimited storage for business and enterprise accounts.
  • For its smooth and easy-to-use feature, many users migrate email from Zoho to Gmail on Mac.
  • Gmail provides a spam filter service while Zoho does not.
  • In order to access the Zoho emails in Gmail on the Mac system.
  • Users can easily backup and migrate Gmail emails and connect them with free G Suite services like Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
These are some of the reasons for which users are required to transfer Zoho emails to Gmail on Mac. Now we move further to the methods that can be implemented to export Zoho mail to Mac Gmail.

Manual Method to Import Zoho Mail to Gmail on Mac OS.

Many users often face difficulties in choosing the right method to migrate Zoho mail to Gmail on Mac OS. It is required to have the right solution for a successful migration. Users might lose their data if they follow the incorrect process to transfer their Zoho account to Gmail on Mac. 

Let’s perform the below steps sequentially on your Mac system to migrate Zoho emails. 
  • Login to Zoho Mail on Mac OS and click on the Setting icon located at the right top.
  • Select the Mail Account option and click on the IMAP to import Zoho mail to Gmail on Mac
  • Copy IMAP In address and go to G Suite Admin Center then click on the menu transfer Zoho mail to Gm
  • ail Mac. Click the Home option from the menu and press the Next button.
  • Select Data Migration from the newly opened wizard and click on Set Up Data Migration.
  • In the Migration Source menu, click on Other IMAP Server.
  • Enter the username and password of the Zoho account in the Role Account option and press the Start button.
  • Now, paste the IMAP server address and click on Select users by following the Start button.
  • Click on Add users then open Gmail account and press the Start button to import Zoho mail to Gmail on Mac.

By performing the above steps, users can migrate email from Zoho to Gmail on the Mac system. With this procedure, users can perform Zoho Mail to G Suite migration on their Mac-based OS. However, the manual method has some limitations that would possibly be faced by the users.

Manual Method Limitations to Import Zoho to Gmail Mac

Users can perform the migration of Zoho emails to Gmail on Mac with the manual procedure. But it is not considered a safe and most effective solution to execute the migration process. Users are likely to face some difficulties while following the manual process. 
  • Firstly, it is a very complicated and long-drawn process to import Zoho mail to Gmail on Mac.
  • It is not possible to migrate Zoho mail to a Gmail account in bulk with all its mailbox items.
  • Users are required to have good technical knowledge prior to proceeding with the steps.
  • Any error in performing the steps may bring the whole failure of the migration process.
  • Users can not eliminate duplicate emails and spam emails by following the manual approach.

The manual method is not considered to be a suitable and most efficient solution. For an effective and reliable process, many experts and users suggest a professional Zoho Backup Tool for Mac. An advanced and automated solution allows the users to quickly migrate Zoho mail to Gmail on Mac with ease. It delivers the most accurate results by maintaining the original folder hierarchy and high data security. Users can also filter duplicate emails and facilitate a risk-free migration process.


In this blog, we have discussed some basic reasons and the manual method to import Zoho mail to Gmail on Mac. We have also mentioned some limitations that users have to face with the manual process. To remove such obstacles, many users switch to a professional and automated solution. It delivers a smooth, easy, and effective migration process. Users can get 100% accurate and risk-free results without any data alteration.

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