Cellphones May Cause Cancer: 5 Ways to Reduce Risk

Cellphones May Cause Cancer: 5 Ways to Reduce Risk: For many years, several studies keep coming back to the claim which links cellphone usage to cancer. Sometimes it gets debunked while other times it just makes headlines. There is a significant amount of research that suggests cellphones may have a hand in increasing the chances of cancer. This, however, doesn’t mean that these devices are proven sources of cancer.

Cellphones May Cause Cancer: 5 Ways to Reduce Risk


Cellphones May Cause Cancer: 5 Ways to Reduce Risk

But it still has people paranoid. Especially with easy access to the internet, with packages like Superinternetdeals.com. Because of over information on the web, cellphone users receive frequent information about this issue. However, new studies show that no direct link has been found between cellphones and cancer, especially brain tumours. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can avoid the risk. Better safe than sorry, right? Here’s how you can minimize risk with cell phones.

Reduce Your Cellphone Usage

This is the easiest way to minimize the risk of cancer. Also, the most obvious. But when your phone usage is restricted, you’re less likely to be at risk as compared to avid phone users. To carry this out effectively, make sure you avoid social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok. These can be addictive and can make you scroll through the sites for hours. This naturally results in greater screen time and usage.

To avoid this, delete your social media apps or put a limit on their usage. Your phone has the option of enforcing limits on the apps you use. Apart from this, it’s important that you chose your cellphone only for important tasks like urgent calls. Instead, go for activities that involve going outdoors. Take a walk or go out for coffee. Anything that doesn’t involve you in front of the screen in your hand.

Make Greater Use of the Speaker

If you want your cellphone to not affect your health, use your phone’s speaker. This works because your phone isn’t in direct contact with your head this way. As a result, the radiation that emits from cellphones will be at a safe distance from your ear or head. With the speaker button, you can take calls anytime you want without the fear of radiation. However, most people hesitate to do this unless they’re in a private place. Being on speakerphone in a public setting can be uncomfortable for most. This is because your calls could be personal or work-related. In any case, you wouldn’t want the entire line at Starbucks to know you forgot your wife’s birthday. So, while this option is effective for reducing radiation, it may not work every time.

Text Instead of Calling

You may have scoffed at Gen Z’s inability to make calls. But they were right. Texting is better. It means that you are not in direct contact with your phone. Technically, your hands are directly next to your phone. But contact with your hands is still safer than increased contact with your head. Plus, texting works just as well as calling. Sometimes, even better. You can get your point across on text better because there’s no social pressure like there is in person. In fact, many people with social anxiety prefer to text because this consists of a controlled environment. So, try this next time if you’re worried about cellphone-induced cancer.

Avoid Using Your Phone When Connection is Low

Contrary to popular belief, the radiation gets stronger when your phone connection is low. This happens because you’re not getting strong signals, your phone works extra hard to gather them for you. Because of this, it emits more radiation. So, it’s important for you to not use your phone on the subway or when you’re travelling by bus, car, or plane. These places tend to have low signals and poor connections. Therefore, if you increase phone usage during this time, your chances of this disease could increase.

Don’t Place the Phone Near Your Head When Sleeping

A large percentage of cellphone users are likely to place their cell phones under their pillows or near their heads when they sleep. This can lead to increased interaction with radiation which has been linked to cancer. Apart from this, sleeping near your phone also has several health risks. Your charger cable can catch fire and pose a fire hazard. Thus, it’s important to keep your phone far away from your head when you’re sleeping.

While the link between cancer and cell phones is unclear, it’s still important to follow these measures to keep yourself safe.

Cellphones May Cause Cancer: 5 Ways to Reduce Risk

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