Things to consider when printing your book or magazine

Things to consider when printing your  book or magazine : A new book or magazine has its own distinct smell. Who doesn't love to stick their nose to new books! Consumers still love the feel of a printed book, its eye-catching cover, the sensation of charming smell. 
Though the number of e-books and digital publishing is rapidly increasing, Vox burner surveyed people's reading preferences and found out that 62 percent of them preferred printed books.
Now, if you have a written book or magazine and you want to print it to stand out in the business, there are some things to consider when printing your book or magazine. Here in this article, I am going to tell you all the things you will need when printing your book or magazine. So, don’t miss any point of the article and keep reading!

Things to consider when printing your  book or magazine

Things to Consider when printing your book or magazine

Your books or magazines have to be flawless before they reach the readers. For this reason, you have to consider some factors when printing your books. This guide will help you to do so.

Check the file formats

First, ensure that the printing company will accept your file format or not. It would help if you looked for a printer company that accepts multiple file formats. Because a book or magazine contains different types of format such as the texts will be saved as a word document while a picture will be saved as JPEG. If there are any graphics, they will be saved in PNG format

If your preferred company is not flexible with multiple options, you should go for well-equipped companies like Print Britannia, Wiley, or Book Printing Uk. I will recommend Print Britannia for its excellent customer service. They maintain tight deadlines for busy clients with free local and global delivery.

Hire an in-house designer

Before publishing your book or magazine, you need to check the layout. An in-house designer will lay out your book professionally.

Online proofing

This is a very important thing to look after before you print your book or magazine. If it gets printed without proofreading, then you are surely blowing your money away. You can hire proofreaders in any online marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork and avoid unexpected content mishaps.

Check the printing options

Your readers consume both offset and digital printing. That's why you need to find a company that has both offset and digital printing options. It will keep you more flexible and support your budget.

Choose the suitable binding method

Binding options depend on the size of the book. Magazines are usually small in size. The professional and ideal looking books mostly contain 120 pages or more. But books with fewer pages need to be bound with the square-back binding method. 
There are case binding for hardcover books, perfect binding for softcover books, spiral binding, saddle stitch binding, and many more. Look for a company that has your preferred binding option.

Cover paper material

We all know the saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover ". But the time has changed. For many consumers, the cover is the precondition to buying a book. That's why you have to choose the cover paper wisely. For storybooks, printers use Simili. 
Simili is a cover paper material that is writable and a bit rough. When it comes to a magazine, they use art paper that is smooth and glossy. While choosing the cover paper, you should consider the thickness also. Thicker cover paper resembles durability and professionalism.

Inner page material

Inner pages are important too. Remember, extra-thin pages may tear easily. The thickness may vary from lightweight to heavy paper. You will have to choose the paper material according to your preferences.

Laminate your book or magazine

Laminating a book means wrapping the cover paper with a fine layer of plastic. I highly suggest you laminate your book or magazine. Laminated book covers look professional, glossy, and durable. There are usually two types of lamination:
  • Matt lamination: Applies a smooth coating and gives a premium look.
  • Gloss lamination: Applies a shiny coating that reflects light and makes it pop out.

It would be best to choose your lamination type, considering the message you want to give to your readers.

Select your typography wisely

Typography is the technique of arranging types to make texts readable and appealing. You need to choose your font wisely. Readability should be your priority. If you want to use some dramatic or unique fonts, you can display them in the first few lines of any chapter. 
But keep it normal when it comes to the main writing. The body of your content usually demands standard fonts like Book Antiqua, Times New Roman, or Arial.

Size of the book or magazine

There are lots of book sizes to choose from, but A4 and A5 booklets are the most commonly used. Small books are easy to carry around, and it is highly recommended.

Reasons why you should print your book or magazine

Though e-books have started to make their position in the industry, there are still plenty of opportunities for the printed books to stand out. The reasons why paper print has still a future are-
  • The visual experience and physical existence of a book matter the most. 
  • Book reviewers love printed books. It would help if you had good reviews for your books or magazines to increase sales. If you send them a copy with a professional look, they will be very impressed. 
  • The readers can own a printed book. It is like property to them. 
  • Printed books or magazines are purchased more. Over 700,000,000 books were retailed in 2015! This means 70 per cent of the total sales were from printed books. 
  • Readers can carry the books with them anywhere they like. 
  • People give books to their favourite person as a present on many occasions.

Final Verdict

After reading this guide, I hope you have a brief idea of the things to consider when printing your book or magazine. These steps are very important as you can not undo your mistakes after they are printed. 
That is why choosing the best printing company is a must. Just following this guideline, you can provide your audience with a perfect-looking book or an eye-catching magazine.
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