Best 3 Whatsapp Status Saver App From Google Play Store

Best 3 WhatsApp Status Saver App From Google Play Store : Social media has become an inevitable part of communication in the society and has brought about many changes in the way we interact with each other. with the increased adoption of smartphones all over the world, users look for more advanced features and enjoy communicate in a fast and convenient way.

WhatsApp emerged as a top social messaging app amidst the competition and it played a key role in enhancing our social network. With better smart phones also came better quality pictures, videos and other imaging apps, the way we store our memories has also changed. Storing stories has become a common practice. There are a few WhatsApp status saver apps that help us to store statuses for future use.

Best 3 Whatsapp Status Saver App

Best 3 Whatsapp Status Saver App From Google Play Store

To help you decide which are the top WhatsApp status saver apps we have come up with a list of three free WhatsApp status download apps along with a brief description of their features to help you choose better.
The top WhatsApp status saver are: 

1) Status saver for WhatsApp (Images and videos):
This app is one of the free WhatsApp status downloader apps available and can help you store these media files for later use and the advantage of this app amongst the others is the fact that one can also download and save images along with videos.


 2) Saver for WhatsApp status-WA video downloader:
This app by magic mobile studio is a top WhatsApp status saver app and has good response amongst all the apps of the same category. It is easy to use and has non complicated process flow to enable user to access the app with ease.


3) Social status saver (all in one downloader):

This app by Srikar apps is a notch better than the other WhatsApp status saver apps or as a matter of fact this app can help you store statuses from not only WhatsApp but also from Facebook and Instagram.


OUR RECOMMENDATION: I would personally like to recommend the third app, i.e. social status saver (all in one downloader) by Srikar Apps firstly because it not only caters to saving statuses from WhatsApp but also works for Instagram and Facebook and secondly because this app is very handy and uses the least amount do space amongst all the other apps from a strategic point of view.

Best 3 Whatsapp Status Saver App From Google Play Store

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