Unable to sleep? Here are the tips to fall asleep and have a good nights sleep

Unable to sleep? Here are the tips to fall asleep and have a good nights sleep: In present life style with lot of stresses may be due to various reasons like work load, pressure of exams or relations, most of the present generation is suffering from sleeplessness. Some people are getting addicted to medication for getting sleep which is very harmful for once health.

Unable to sleep


Unable to sleep? Here are the tips to fall asleep and have a good nights sleep

Methods by which one can make themselves sleepy

1) Deep Breathing Technique

This technique is adopted from ancient Yoga in which one can lie down straight on the bed keeping legs closed and arms close to the body. Now close your eyes and slowly take deep breath and release slowly keeping your concentration in the middle of your forehead. Keep your body lose and repeat this method number of times so that till you feel relaxed. This method helps in releasing the stress from your body and you will get sleepy soon.

2) Tightening and loosening of your body parts

This is another method of Yoga which helps in getting sleep. In certain occasions our muscles become so stressed due to over work load and we tend become sleepless. It is rightly said one is too tired to sleep in this case you can tighten your muscles momentarily and rotate your toes then relax. One by one you can perform this exercise tightening your various parts such as belly, calves, arms, thighs and chest area. This way the blood flow to the body is made normal and one comes out of stress and helps in making one to sleep easily.

3) The Pressure Points

This is another method derived from the Chinese acupuncture and very effective to overcome the problem of insomnia. There are different points in the body which are to pressed with the help of fingers number of times. These points are center of your eyebrows and beneath the balls of your feet. This provides instant relaxation to your body.

4) Reading Books to Awake yourself

It is a reverse psychology method. The human brain if stopped to do one thing it tends to do opposite. This way you make your mind to go negative and do opposite to what you are doing, it is a scientifically proved very good method to feel sleepy.

5) Avoid uses of Electronics devices

Using electronic device late nights tend to get sleepless so avoid them.

6) Comfortable Bed

This is one of the most important factor to get sleepy your bed should be very comfortable and the pillows thickness which give provide comfort.

7) Shava Assan or the Yoga Technique

This an ancient Indian yoga techniques adopted by Yogees . In this method one must lie down straight on the bed and relax your body the close your eyes and concentrate inward stating your concentration from tip of the feet moving slowly upwards giving attention on each pat of your body till forehead and the move in the reverse up to toes. Repeat this method number of time and one get sleepy very soon.

8) Massaging your body parts

This is another method to get your muscles relaxed and provide full flow of blood to the body. The main points which are to be massaged are the bottom of your feet, forehead and sides of your eyes near ears.

9) Re-collect your days activities

Sit on your bed and close the eyes. Now concentrate inwards and start thinking and rewinding your day’s all activities in details whether it is conversation you had the interaction and feeling of sensation. This method makes you off from all the pressure and relax your body and helps in getting sleepy.

10) Light music and sound

Some time total silence give opposite effect hence light music and sound can play the vital role to feel sleepy.

Unable to sleep? Here are the tips to fall asleep and have a good nights sleep

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