Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Taking Care of You During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Taking Care of You During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Covid-19 has drastically influenced our way of living and the thought process. From chilling out with friends as well as family members to being isolated in our homes, the pandemic has taught us a lot. Practicing self care is now the most important actionable measure that everyone must follow these days.
It's been more than a year since we all have been struggling to get back to our normal life in 2021. 

People are suffering from stress, anxiety and fear. In this article we have tried to share some authentically tested tips on self care during coronavirus pandemic. 

Difficult times will pass but the thing that matters the most is the physical, emotional and mental health of people. Parents and children have been trapped together in their houses during this lockdown period which affects the well being of children especially. To tackle the situation we have accumulated the best 10 self care covid 19 tips that anyone can follow to bring in some wellness and positivity

Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Taking Care of You During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Taking Care of You During the Coronavirus Pandemic

1- Sleep enough to keep stress away

Experts often say that a good sleep of 7-8 hours per day for adults is a great measure to keep stress away. There are several immune systems that get to work only when the body is in the rest position.
Many research papers have also proven that people who don’t prefer having sufficient naps are more prone to chronic stress and other mental disorders. Always keep a time check on yourself as well as your family members' sleeping hours.

2- Staying away from negativity

These days news channels are the main source of negativity. Though they try to bring awareness to the general public, but people do get easily affected mentally with it. Also don’t get detached from your friends and family members living far from you. Utilize the technology to connect with them through video calls, phone calls and even group chats. This not only relaxes you but will also act as a stress buster for all those involved. 

3- Don’t ignore the physical fitness

Physical fitness is another important aspect in the overall development of a human body. Exercising daily releases endorphins which are responsible for making us feel good after exercising. 

In this self care covid 19 tip we urge our readers to not only stick to what they know but prefer exploring more after consulting with a professional so that you can come across the best exercises depending upon your body type, structure and the diet for maximum benefits. Check here for best healthcare recruitment agencies Dubai

4- Including fruits in diet

WHO has recommended consuming a minimum of 400g of fruits per day for adults. Fruits like oranges, clementine's, grapefruits, apples and bananas are some of the fruits that can help restore your immunity back to its original stage. 

Moreover, root vegetables can also be brought into action. include carrots, turnips, beets, broccoli and cauliflower. Home cooked meals is the best measure that a family can adopt to fight back and be immune throughout these harsh times. 

5- Manage the salt and sugar intake

When it comes to salt, less than 5g/day is what WHO recommends. Having minimum salt increases the stability of the heart and maintains your blood pressure. There are many other benefits of consuming less salts like- it reduces the risk of diabetes, prevents dementia, facilitates building up of stronger bones in kids.

Sugar is very difficult to contain for most people. Unprocessed sugar is another form of sugar which is not that harmful. The availability of unprocessed sugar in the market is rare but if it’s available in your market then you can go for it as its way better than the processed ones. 

6- Mandatory meditation

Meditation breaks are necessary in daily routine. Early morning meditation practices bring in some positive vibes and heals up your negative thought process. Meditation is said to be a stress buster activity which improves the body and brain functioning. 

Mediation is an art of relaxing in a better and guided way. Ask your family members along with kids to perform meditation exercises daily for at least 20-30 minutes. 

7- Be involved

Keep yourself busy throughout the whole day and you will find that you are less affected with negative thoughts. There are various ways to remain busy if you are not a working professional.

Reading a book or novel, learning a new language, online courses, creative writing, drawing and sketching are some of the popular tasks that can keep you involved for a longer period of time.

8- Social distancing

This is the most highlighted tip amongst all self care covid-19 tips. You might have heard many doctors on news channels explaining to you how crucial it is to maintain a social distance from others. This is because many covid-19 patients have been found asymptomatic due to which they never get tested.
These patients unknowingly can transfer the virus to someone else with a weaker immune system. So we sincerely urge our readers to maintain a social distance of at least 1 meter from every person they meet, until all this is restored back to normal. 

9- Never forget your mask

Wearing a mask outside your residence is mandatory in most of the countries now. Local authorities have imposed heavy fines on many rule breakers which is a good step considering the severity of the situation. 

Masks not only protect the ones wearing it but it also acts as a boundary wall to some extent between the two persons. There are different kinds of masks available in the market but the most effective ones are the N95 ones.  

10- Get vaccinated at the earliest

At present, vaccination programs are in full swing in the whole world. People know the importance of vaccines and are eager to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccines have different efficacy and accuracy but the numbers are only slightly different. 

Though the trials are going on for smaller children but for adults all the vaccines are safe and are life saving. It becomes our duty to get vaccinated whenever our turn comes and protect ourselves as well as our loved ones. This is not one of those tips on self care during coronavirus pandemic but a serious life saving medical advisory being issued by WHO again and again. 

Hence these were some of the very basic healthcare tips and advice for you to follow during these hard times to protect yourself and your family.

Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Taking Care of You During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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