Best 9 tips for staying healthy at work

Best 9 tips for staying healthy at work : Sitting on a chair and working for long hours can be extremely hectic and tiring for almost every working professional. The energy levels constantly keep on declining with every passing hour in the office and after handling all the pressure you reach home with a gloomy face. 

Though there are various tricks and tips for staying healthy at work, but we are going to discuss here some of the very basic and doable shortcuts which can strengthen the energy levels to some extent and will help you return home with a smiling face. 

Best 9 tips for staying healthy at work

Best 9 tips for staying healthy at work

The remedies given below are easy to follow and result oriented and any working professional can follow these 9 tips on staying healthy-

1- Exercise for few minutes before you leave-

Spare at least 15-20 mins daily for your workout before leaving for the office. This will not only help in keeping you fresh in the long run but it also works as a therapy for bringing in the positive vibes. The best part is you don’t need to run after any kind of fancy equipment for these easy workouts.

2- Healthy lunch and snacks-

Avoid having lunch and snacks from your nearest local sandwich shop. Go for home made salads and you won’t regret having it in your lunch and snacks. There are various types of salads like chorizo-tomato salad, taco salad, avocado chicken salad etc that will suffice your hunger and nutrients requirements for the whole day if consumed with a proper diet plan. 

3- Hang-out but don’t get filled out-

Among all the tips on staying healthy, this tip is the most sidelined one. Working professionals prefer to hang out with their friends and family members on weekdays due to which they get into the flow of having junk food that whole particular day. Coming out of a stressed week and then having junk food is a serious issue that no one talks about. We recommend our readers not to have junk food in such proportions as it can have a long term impact on the functioning of the body. 

4- Smart computer habits-

Computer screens emit blue lights that are harmful for the eyes. One can get rid of this by using wearable glasses which can filter out the light. In most of the cases people start facing headache, eye strain while working for long on computers. To avoid this situation use appropriate glasses, take short breaks between tasks, sit straight and use eye drops if required. 

5- Use stair as much as possible-

This answer on how to stay healthy at work can be extremely effective. If you don’t have time for morning exercise then this method can be the best alternative for you. Stair running is a plyometric exercise which involves muscle capacity to execute stretch and contract functions against gravity. This is a high intensity workout that can build up power, strength and cardiovascular fitness. The exercise is not recommended for elderly people as it needs greater strength levels. 

6- A quick nap-

Try having a quick nap in the office at lunch time. A quick nap of 20 to 30 minutes has been found useful during the office working hours in various researches. It is because taking a nap is just like sleeping for a shorter interval of time. Organizations with a sense of employee well being have also allowed nap during the working hours. Not only the working professionals are benefited by this but also the average overall productivity of the organization increases after the employees return to work after a short mid-day nap. See here for best healthcare staffing agencies

7- Extra water little coffee-

This is one of the most important tips for staying healthy at work. Drinking appropriate quantities of water releases stress to a great extent. Multiple fact finding reports have concluded that water acts as a lubricant and prevents muscles against cramping. Also during dehydration(scarcity of water and other minerals), the curtosis levels of the body increases which gives rise to stress and body ache like symptoms. 

8- Keep your workstation organized-

Keeping your workstation clean and organized portrays that you're a disciplined personality. Small quotes, paintings, plants etc. are some of the creative artifacts that working professionals use to decorate their workspace. All this, somehow creates a positive impact on your co-workers and they might come to praise you for this effort. 

9- Decide your goals and ask for help if required-

People don’t realize this but short term goals are very important to break down multiple aspects of a complex goal and make it achievable in the near future. These short term goals can have an affirmative effect on your personal and professional life. If at any stage of life you feel stuck and not able to formulate these short term goals then just go ahead and ask for help from some experts. Short term goals can be related to your career, finances, academics or health.

All these tips and tricks on how to stay healthy at work are tried and tested by ourselves and most of them have given the expected results. Hope you enjoyed the article and will implement all the positives in your daily routine too. 

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