Top 3 Things To Look For While Selecting A Cloud Storage

Top 3 Things To Look For While Selecting A Cloud Storage: Save photos to cloud, Best Cloud Based Photo Storage, Cloud Storage, Free Storage Free Cloud Backup

Happy memories make you happy; only if you preserve them well. You need to conserve them like cherished possessions. However, in your personal set up it is nearly impossible to conserve all the images, videos, and audios. You need to take the help of a third party Cloud Storage facility to conserve all your memories. There are many companies offering Free Storage Free Cloud Backup. You can save your memories with these companies and be happy that your happy memories are conserved well.

What To Look For In A Cloud Storage

While looking for a free or paid cloud storage facility you need to see that it satisfies the following criteria.


Top 3 Things To Look For While Selecting A Cloud Storage

1) Can be downloaded into and uploaded from any device

You may have an android phone or apple for regular use, a DSLR for vacationing purposes, a MAC laptop, or a windows computer at home. So, whenever you are looking to save photos to the cloud you need to see that the service can be accessed from all the devices at your disposal. So, if you are out on an official tour and want to go through the happy memories with your family, make sure that you can access the photos from any of your official devices like your MacBook laptop, Android mobile or iPhone. You also need to make sure that photos, videos and audios can be seamlessly uploaded to the Cloud Storage from any location.

2) Diversity of plans

The Best Cloud Based Photo Storage offers a number of plans including free and paid ones. A wide range of plans is good for you since you have the opportunity to start with basic minimum storage and gradually go up to higher storage and paid plans as the treasure of your happy memories stack up. Make sure that it starts with small storage such as 20 or 40 GB and offers free usage up to a level of around 200 GB. Also, when you go for paid ones after few years, make sure that the service offers storage to the tune of TBs. A TB of space may seem to be a lot for family albums, songs and photos, but as you stack up the videos and photos from all the occasions you may well see the space bursting the seams of GBs.

3) Technical support

You may encounter problems while uploading or downloading from the storage. So, make sure that the facility offers some form of technical support round the clock. It is good if they offer a technical chat service. Such a service is helpful since it gives you the opportunity to understand and perform the troubleshooting in a step by step manner.

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There are some cloud storage facilities that mandate having monthly logins. This may be a catch; don’t fall for such facilities. There are companies that offer services without any mandated monthly login. In other words, read between the lines before starting to use a service. Go for one that does not have any hidden clause or idea.

Top 3 Things To Look For While Selecting A Cloud Storage

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