Important Points You Need to Know before You Sign up for PMP

Important Points You Need to Know before You Sign up for PMP: Hello, before the official registration of PMP, in order to let you have a deeper understanding of it, we interpret the information of the PMP examination from the following aspects.

PMP (Project Management Professional) is the certification of a project management professional. Project Management Institute (PMI) organized it, making the promotion in more than 190 countries and regions worldwide. PMP, as a project management qualification examination, has established its international authority.
  1. PMP has trained a large number of project management professionals.
  2. PMP certification has become an international certification standard, in nine languages including English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese certification examinations;
  3. So far, there are more than 900,000 Project Management Professionals in the world. The number of Project Management Professionals in China mainland has exceeded 200,000, and the number is increasing year by year. Among them, the number of Project Management Professionals of the HUAWEI is more than 5,000. In 2018, more than 100,000 people took the exam in the Chinese mainland, and in 2019 the amount should be much higher than that.

Important Points You Need to Know before You Sign up for PMP

Candidates must have more than 35 hours of the studying or training experience of the PMBOK, and show their copies of relevant certificates. This is also why I need to sign up for training and study in an authorized training institution of the PMI. For details, please consult the official website of the examination registration. In addition, candidates must have one of the following two conditions:

Category one
: Those people with a bachelor's degree or equivalent college degree or above

The applicant needs to have at least 4,500 hours of project management experience in the five major project management processes, and has accumulated at least 36 months of project management in the six years prior to the application date.

Note: When calculating the project management months, the required 36 months are non-overlapping and separate.

Category two
: Those people who do not have a bachelor's degree or equivalent college degree or above

Applicants should have at least 7,500 hours of project management experience in the five major project management processes, and have accumulated at least 60 months of project management in the eight years prior to the application date.

It seems very complicated. But don't worry. The training institution will help us to fill in the relevant documents.

Browsing the recruitment website about the project management job, you will find there are many companies writing the priority of the PMP. So PMP certification is also an important key to some well-paid jobs. In general, it can be useful to some people with the high quality, but it may be useless to some low ability students. Through the systematic learning process, we can have a deeper understanding of the whole knowledge system of project management. At the same time, we can master more professional vocabularies for communication with peers, especially when working with European and American enterprises. Some students said that many of the contents mentioned in the textbook are just used in the daily work.

The value of PMP also depends on its practical application. Some people combine it with their work to make their work more colorful. There are also many people who may not have much to do with the project management in their daily work, so their application will be relatively few. But everything is a project. I hope that we can use it in more applications so that our study preparation will be more valuable.

The PMP examination is an objective multiple-choice exam with a total of 200 questions, 25 of which are not scored. The answer time of the examination is from 9:00 to 13:00, which is a total of 4 hours. So the it is also a test to your physical power. The 200 questions are all scenario-based and asked something about the behavior of the project manager. As long as you follow the arrangement of the training institutions carefully to prepare for the exam, passing the exam is not a big problem. The passing rate of most training institutions is about 90%..
  1. Some companies have set the access requirements for the project management positions with the specific requirement for the PMP certification.
  2. Personal career planning needs to be considered from technology to management. First you can learn to improve yourself, and then get a certificate as an important key for yourself.
  3. Many of my working partners around me are Project Management Professionals, so I can have a better communication with them.
  4. Those who are currently engaged in project management or plan to be engaged in project management in the future can take this into the consideration.
  5. Everything is a project, and those who want to change their thinking mode can also consider how to learn better.
The direct cost of the PMP exam is about USD 1070.24. There are two main parts. The first part is the training cost. The training fee of the most of the institutions like

SPOTO is around USD 458.67. Of course, it is also divided into the online courses and the offline courses. The price also fluctuates due to the type of the courses. The second part is the examination cost. This fixed fee is USD 596.28. Generally speaking, the passing rate of most training institutions is about 90%. Make-up examination fee is USD 382.22. It's at least 10 times more expensive than the Information system project manager or A construction division, but it's also 10 times more likely to pass. PMP is a better choice for those who want to get project management certification quickly.

Exam results are usually available within 4-6 weeks. In a three-year cycle, PMI will send a replacement letter to the PMP holder's email address if 60 Professional Development Units have been collected. It means that you can change your ID card. There are many ways to get the Professional Development Units for free, and it is not difficult to accumulate 60 Professional Development Units in three years. Most training institutions will launch the membership service and organize some activities regularly to accumulate Professional Development Units for people. In addition to 60 Professional Development Units, you need to pay USD 150. Also, you must have a mailing address in English so that PMI can mail the new certificate to PMP.

Important Points You Need to Know before You Sign up for PMP

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