Surya Raitha Scheme in Karnataka - How to apply , Eligibility ,Benefits

Surya Raitha Scheme in Karnataka - How to apply ,  Eligibility , Benefits & Documents Required: Power cuts in cities are very frustrating and many industries nearby face issues with power cuts and the most affecting sector with lack of power or interrupted electricity  is undoubtedly the Farming sector. To help the farming sector, the Karnataka government has launched the Karnataka Surya Raitha scheme. 

Surya Raitha Scheme in Karnataka

How to Apply for Surya Raitha Scheme in Karnataka

Surya Raitha scheme aims to help the farmers, who face constant issues in supplying electricity to their crops in the fields because of interrupted power or due to heavy electricity bills by providing solar pump sets to the crop fields. 

In a phased manner the state government will replace the 310 IP sets with the new sun-based water pump sets that have the ability to pump more than 1.5 times more water than the present IP pump sets and the pump sets will supply 1/3rd of the total energy generated to the nearby electricity grid or an assembly. Interested to know more about the scheme? Continue reading to know more about the procedure to apply for the scheme. 

How to Apply For Surya Raitha Scheme

  1. Surya Raitha Scheme comes with certain eligibility criteria. Make sure you possess the prescribed Eligibility criteria discussed below.
  2. The person applying for the scheme must be a permanent citizen of the state of Karnataka.
  3. Individuals applying should be a farmer by profession and must be regularly engaged in agribusiness.
  4. The applicant should possess his or her own land to apply.
  5. Application for the IP pump sets of 10HP capacity which requires solar generating capacity of 10KW

Documents Required to Apply Surya Raitha Scheme

General documents are needed in order to apply for Surya Raitha Scheme and the documents include 
  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Bank Account Details
  3. Identity Proof
  4. Land Details
  5. Passport Size Photo
  6. Residential Proof
  7. Valid Mobile Number

Solar Panel with Subsidy

Though the government has not provided any further information regarding the online registration procedure of the scheme get more details about the scheme by checking

The New solar-based power generation scheme will be provided for all farmers in the state of Karnataka so that they can get solar panels with subsidy and solar water pump sets thereby achieving higher wages and getting a good crop. 

Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme

In the Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme ranchers will be benefited as ranchers do not need to switch on their IP sets during the night and solar water pumps which are setup using the subsidy will start working and stop water wastage. The Government of Karnataka will assemble the scheme with a mix of Ranchers Enterprises, State Government sponsorship on behalf of the Bengaluru Power Flexible Organization (BESCOM). 

Final Words

Now that we have discussed the details regarding Surya Raitha Scheme, Application process for the Surya Raitha Scheme and other details including solar panel with subsidy, solar water pump sets and Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme keep a close watch on the official website to get updates about the scheme when launched, but first things first this scheme will no doubt benefit many farmers in karnataka who feel the burden of hefty electricity bills and interrupting Power issues.

How to Apply for Surya Raitha Scheme in Karnataka

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