Karnataka State government schemes List 2020

Karnataka State government schemes List 2020: Karnataka is one of the leading states in India. The state is leading in every aspect such as empowerment, healthcare, IT etc. The government always tries to provide support to its citizens and tries to enrich the lives of its citizens. The sections of societies that require the help of the government are provided with many number of government schemes. Most of the people in India depend on agriculture for the livelihood. Some of them own lands but most of them work as laborers. Since this is seasonal, many of them remain unemployed in other seasons. All such people require the support of government. In India almost all state governments try to help uneducated, unemployed and below poverty line people by allowing those to avail the welfare schemes exclusively offered to them. To improve the living conditions of the people, these governments offer food for subsidized prices, provide financial assistance through several schemes and also offer free medical facilities to eligible people. 

Karnataka State government schemes

Karnataka State government schemes List 2020

Karnataka government
launched many welfare schemes for students, unemployed, women, children, farmers, weaker sections of societies, widows, old people, physically challenged, and pregnant women and so on. For most of these schemes, people who are residents of Karnataka are eligible. The government also asks the applicants to produce their Aadhar and residential proofs to check whether they are resident of the state or not. Other eligibility conditions vary depending on the type of scheme. Those who want to avail the benefits have to first check whether they are eligible for the scheme and then find out how to apply for these schemes. Some of the schemes allow online registration and some allow offline registrations also. For schemes that are offered for rural people and poor people, applications are accepted offline so that these people do not find it difficult to submit online applications. Assistance is provided in the concerned offices so that the application process can be completed with the help of these people. 
In Karnataka state students can get free bus passes, fee reimbursement and also avail other schemes.

Karnataka Ration Card - How to Apply, Eligibility, Benefits and Application Fees
Karnataka Arthika Spandana scheme - How to Apply, Eligibility, Benefits and Documents Required
Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana - How to Apply, Benefits & Application Form
Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana - How to Apply, Eligibility and Benefits
Ksheera Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka State
Krishi Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka State
How to Apply for Yuva Yuga Skill Training Scheme in Karnataka
Yuva Yuga Skill Training Scheme in Karnataka
Manaswini Scheme for Women in Karnataka
Idea2PoC (Proof of Concept) Fund for Women Startup Scheme in Karnataka
Mukhya Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana Scheme - Karnataka State
Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana -Karnataka State
Suvarna Krishi Grama Yojana in Karnataka State-Increasing Farmers Income
Gas Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka State for BPL families
Laptop Bhagya Scheme for SC/ST Students in Karnataka State
Anna Bhagya Yojana Scheme - Govt of Karnataka State

Karnataka State government schemes List 2020

There are loan schemes, health schemes, house construction schemes and many other schemes for people belonging to weaker sections of the society.

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