Top 50+ App Submission Sites List For Android And iOS App

Top 50+ App Submission Sites List For Android And iOS App: Developing an app is a complex process. But the job doesn’t end with simply developing the app. Promoting the app is also very important to get the users to use and love your app. 50 App store submission sites offer great help for promoting the apps. Apart from providing reviews and promoting the app, these are also the best App Store optimization sites. With useful app store optimization techniques, developers can increase their app downloads because when a user searches on the app store for the keywords that are used in the app, the app also appears in the app listing.

Why app submission sites are needed

Why do we need app submission sites? Because you love to watch the app you created by investing a lot of your time and patience to become very popular and brake the download records. But promoting the app is as complex as creating the app itself. Getting everyone to know about your app is easy when you publish it to the best 50+ apps submission sites. These sites review both the Android and iOS apps, give a rating and also let their huge database of users know about the new app. Another advantage of these sites is to get the backlinks from those accepted sites.

Tips to get approved mobile apps

App submission sites are the best tools for app promotion. You never will have to worry about promoting the app if your app is good and offers the best user experience. These sites will give good reviews, ratings and promote the app for free and also place the app in the App listing, there is also paid promotion available on these sites. Here are few tips to get the approved mobile app –

  1. Size of the app should be as low as possible
  2. The app must contain images that are attractive and unique
  3. Apps must contain title, description, summary and also tags
  4. Give your contact details
  5. Privacy policy and terms and conditions also must be added.
  6. Never add malicious mobile apps to these sites

Most of the app submission sites are free and so the developers need not worry about the financial burden. Just register with your e-mail ID on these sites and submit your play store app link. Then they will review your app and accept on their website. So you get backlinks from those sites. Below are the top app submission sites.

List of App Store Submission Sites

List of App Store Submission Sites

Sr. No. App Submission Sites Domain Authority (DA)
1 29
2 71
3 43
4 100
5 41
6 81
7 76
8 22
9 35
10 34
11 94
12 100
13 34
14 19
15 47
16 51
17 31
18 43
19 28
20 30
21 11
22 38
23 39
24 56
25 31
26 28
27 30
28 27
29 36
30 28
31 42
32 25
33 42
34 24
35 67
36 100
37 1
38 32
39 appworld.blackberry.com87
40 1
41 54
42 72
43 29
44 29
45 appsapk.com58
46 17

List of App Store Submission Sites



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