How to control loose motions

How to control loose motions: Loose motions can easily control with the help of home remedies. If you have a clear idea on how to use these remedies, then you will never ask a question yourself on how to control loose motions.

Usually, loose motions problem is happened due to increase of Vata in our body, which is in general terms as when there is a sudden change in our diet, change of water, bacterial or viral infection etc may cause you loose motions.

Usually, when people have loose motions, they look for some treatment to cure loose motions. But asking yourself a question as “How to control loose motions” is a good idea. As there is a health quote “Prevention is better than cure”.

How to control loose motions

How to control loose motions

Here are some of the very useful home remedy tips to control loose motions at home yourself without using any medications, as these home remedies are very traditional in nature and work well for everyone.

Home Remedies for “How to control loose motions

Do remember these home remedies, because these remedy tips are more useful to control loose motions. If you find these tips are useful, then please share with others, so that everyone get benefit from these remedies.

Poppy Seeds to control loose motions

Make a portion by mixing the five to six spoons of poppy seeds with a glass of water and drinking this portion will help to control loose motions. If you see more loose motions, then you can take this portion three to four times in a days helps you. This treatment not only helps you to control loose motions but also helps to cure loose motions.

In simple words – drink water by mixing 5 or 6 spoons of poppy seeds.

Lemon Juice to control loose motions

Drinking of lemon juice three times in a day helps to control loose motions.

Blackberry fruit to control loose motions

Blackberry is a seasonal fruit, which is usually available during summer season only. Eating of blackberry fruit or taking syrup made from blackberry fruit is very beneficial in loose motions control. So blackberry fruit is a very good natural remedy to control loose motions.

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