Best 3 Islamic Dairy Apps in Google Play Store

Best 3 Islamic Dairy Apps in Google Play Store: Hello, Districtsinfo Viewers here we have provided the best 3 Islamic Informative Apps on Google Play Store. Every Muslim brother and sister can install these apps on your android smartphone. These apps have all the features like Islamic Calendar, Auto Prayer Times, Muslims Duaa, Date Converter, Qibla finder Compass, Mosque Finder, Tasbeeh counter, Auto Azan, The Holy Quran, Muslim Hijri calendar and many more features have included.

These apps will allow in different languages like (Arabic, English, French, Indonesian, Turkish, Russian, Malay, and Urdu, etc). Below we have listed the top best 3 Muslim dairy apps and provided play store links. You can download the app by clicking on the links.

Best 3 Islamic Informative Apps 

1) Islamic Diary: The Islamic Diary app is an informative app that guides you in performing the 5 pillars of Islam. The app features Islamic Calendar (to identify and confirm significant Islamic occasions and festivals); Mosque Finder (to pinpoint the locations of the nearby mosques); Prayer Times Reminder (to determine the accurate prayer times based on your current geographical location); Qibla Compass (to indicate the direction of the Qibla, and the morning and evening Islamic Azkar); Date Converter (to convert the dates between the Hijri calendar to and from the Gregorian calendar); Auto Azan (for voice-enabled audio and visual notifications of the prayer calls throughout the day); 99 names of Allah (with right phonetics, translations, descriptions, meanings; and instructions on how to read for each name).

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2) Muslim Pro:  The Muslim pro app is a personalized app for keeping track of your daily prayer. The app is easy to use. It features Tahajjud (to encourage people of different ages to pray); muezzin voices (to choose for prayer); Qibla compass (to provide the correct direction of the Qibla); Islamic Hijri calendar; full Quran (with English translations); it offers accurate prayer times pertaining to your current location; it offers beautiful audio recital featuring all the 99 names of Allah; as well as a collection of the fortress of the Muslim Duas.

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3) Hijri Calendar: The Islamic Hijri Calendar 2020 app is a free offline app that serves as the almanac for Muslins around the globe. The app features Zoom (for zooming in and out of the calendar); it highlights significant occasions (such as Ramzan, Eid, Hajj, Mecca, Muharram, Umrah, Ashura, Safar, Rabi-uthani, Jumadi-ul-Awwal, Dhul-Hijjah, etc.); it offers Islamic months and Arabic dates; it provides details of celebration for the festivals; it highlights the days of fasting in every month; and it lists all the important bank holidays, court holidays and Government holidays.

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