Top 3 Media Player Apps for Android Smartphones

Top 3 Media Player Apps for Android Smartphones: There are several different media player apps available for android devices in the play store. There are audio players; video players; as well as two-way audio-video players. Most of these players comprise the usual features such as expandability, easy-to-use controls, graphic user interface (GUI), file compatibility, and simple integration into home systems.

Here we have provided the best 3 two-way audio-video players app and their download links. You can install it directly by clicking on the link.

Top 3 Media Player Apps for Android Smartphones

1) VLC media player App: The VLC media player app is another dual media player app that plays both audio and video. It supports multi-track audios, Teletext, closed captions, subtitles; as well as disk shares. The app also provides support for auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments, and gestures (so as to control the brightness, seeking, and volume). VLC media player comprises a vast media library where you can directly browse audio and video files.

VLC media player

VLC media player

2) MVX Player App: The MVX Player app is a two-way media player app that plays both audio and video. It comes with a modern interface and easy-to-use controls. The app supports several different audio and video file formats. It comprises a built-in equalizer with a bass booster (with audio presets) and an auto-scan (with video presets). The app also features Shuffle mode (for playing your audio files in order, loop or shuffle), the sleep timer (to stop the player automatically), Dark mode (for setting the player in a beautiful night mode), and the Driving mode (which enables you to control the music easily while driving).

3) MX Player: The MX Player app is a bidirectional media player app for playing music files and video files. It enables a rapid transfer of files without making use of mobile data. The app features hardware acceleration (applied to videos using HW+decoder), pinch (pinching and swiping the screen for zooming in and out (zoom and pan are the other available options), and subtitle gestures (zooming in/out to change text size, scrolling forward/backward to move to next/previous text, scrolling up/down to move the text up/down).



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