Baby Boy Names starting with the letter "V"

Baby Boy Names starting with letter "V": Here is the complete list of Indian baby boy names starting with the letter "V", the baby boy names list has been given with their meanings, so you can opt whatever baby boy names you like.

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Baby Boy Names starting with the letter "V"

Baby Boy Names starting with letter "V"

Names Meaning
Vachaspati lord of speech
Vaninath Husband of Saraswati
Vaibhav richness
Vajramani diamond
Vallabh beloved, dear
Vandan salutation
Varun lord of the waters, neptune
Vasant VasanSpring (season)
Vasava Indra
Vasu wealth
Vasudev Krishna's father, god of wealth
Vasuman born of fire
Ved sacred knowledge
Veer brave
Vidur wise
Vidyacharan learned
Vidyadhar demi god
Vidyaranya forest of knowledge
Vijay victory
Vikas development, expanding
Vikram the sun of valour
Vikramendra king of prowess
Vikrant powerful
Vimal pure
Vinay good manners
Vinod happy, full of joy
Vipan sail, petty trade
Viplav drifting about, revolution
Vipul plenty
Viraj resplendent, splendour
Virochan moon, fire
Virat very big, giant proportioned
Vishal huge, broad, great
Vishnu Lord Vishnu, root, to pervade
Vishvajit one who conquers the universe
Vishvakarma architect of the universe
Vishva earth, universe
Vishwas faith, trust
Viswanath god of universe
Vishwamitra friend of the universe
Vishvatma universal soul
Vivek judgement
Vyomesh lord of the sky

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