Baby Boy Names starting with the letter "S"

Baby Boy Names starting with the letter "S": Here is the complete list of Indian baby boy names starting with the letter "S", the baby boy names list has been given with their meanings, so you can opt whatever baby boy names you like.

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Baby Boy Names starting with the letter "S"

Baby Boy Names starting with the letter "S"

Names Meaning
Sachetan rational
Sagar sea, ocean
Sadanand ever joyous
Samarjit victorious in war
Samir wind
Samrat emperor
Samudra sea
Sandeep a lighted lamp
Sanjog coincidence
Sankara Shiva
Sapan dream (Swapna)
Santosh happiness
Sarasvat learned
Sarang spotted deer
Satish ruler of hundreds
Satyajit victory of truth
Satyamurty statue of truth
Satyavrat one who has taken vow of truth
Satyendra lord of truth (Satyen)
Saurav divine, celestial
Saurabh fragrance
Senajit victory over army
Shulabh easy
Shailendra king of mountains, Himalaya
Shakunt blue jay
Shalin modest
Shankar Shiva
Sharad name of a season
Shashwat ever lasting, continuous
Shailesh god of mountain, Himalaya
Shashee moon
Shashank moon
Shashikant moon stone
Shardul tiger
Shatrunjay one who overcomes enemies
Sheil mountain
Shishir name of a season, cold
Shiv Lord Shiva, auspicious, lucky
Shreyas superior
Shvetang fair complexioned
Shvetank having a white mark
Shyam dark blue, black
Shyamal black, dark blue
Siddharth white mustard
Sohan good looking
Snehal freindly
Srikant lover of wealth
Srinivas abode of wealth
Sriram Lord Rama
Subodh sound advice, easily understood
Subhash soft spoken
Suchir eternal
Sudarshan good looking
Sudesha good country
Sudeva good Deva
Sudhakar mine of nectar
Sudama meek
Sudhanssu moon
Sudhir resolute, brave
Sudhish lord of excellent intellect
Sugriva one with graceful neck
Sujit victory
Sukhdev god of happiness
Sukumar handsome
Sulalit graceful
Sumit well measured
Sundar beautiful
Sunil dark blue
Suresh sun
Surya sun
Suryakant loved by the sun
Suvrata strict in religious vows (Subrata)
Swagat welcome
Swaraj liberty, freedom
Swapnil seen in a dream, dreamy



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