Baby Boy Names starting with the letter "M"

Baby Boy Names starting with the letter "M": Here is the complete list of Indian baby boy names starting with the letter "M", the baby boy names list has been given with their meanings, so you can opt whatever baby boy names you like.

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Baby Boy Names starting with the letter "M"

Baby Boy Names starting with the letter "M"

Names Meaning
Madan Cupid, god of love
Madhav sweet like honey
Madhu honey, nectar
Madhukar honey bee, lover
Madhusudhana Krishna, one who killed demon Madhu
Mahabala great strength
Mahadev most powerful god
Mahavir most courageous among men
Mahesh Shiva
Mahendra Indra
Maheepati the king
Maitreya friend
Makarand bee
Martand sun
Manavendra king among men
Mandar flower
Mandhatri prince
Manendra king of mind
Manik .... gem gem
Maniram jewel of a person
Manishankar Shiva
Manish god of mind
Manindra diamond
Mansukh pleasure of mind
Manprasad mentally calm and cool person
Manoranjan one who pleases the mind
Manohar one who wins over mind
Manoj born of mind
Manu founder father of human beings
Markandeya a sage
Mareechi ray of light
Matsendra king of the fishes
Mayank moon
Mayur peacock
Meghnad thunder
Meghdutt gift of clouds
Mehul rain
Mihir sun
Milind honey bee
Mitesh one with few desires
Mithil kingdom
Mithun couple
Mitul limited
Mohan charming, fascinating
Mohit ensnarled by beauty
Mohin attractive
Monish lord of mind
Mukesh lord of the dumb
Mukul bud
Mukunda freedom giver



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