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Chikkudukaya Vepudu Recipe : Chikkudukaya (broad beans) vepudu is a south Indian dish. It is a traditional dish and tastes yummy. Preparation of Chikkudukaya vepudu is very simple task. More over how to make Chikkudukaya vepudu is mentioned below.

Chikkudukaya Vepudu Recipe

Chikkudukaya Vepudu Recipe

Learn how to make Indian Chikkudukaya Vepudu recipe at home yourself, as we have given the complete list of food ingredients required for the preparation of tasty and delicious Indian Chikkudukaya Vepudu with the easy cooking tips on how to cook Chikkudukaya Vepudu recipe with step by step easy cooking procedure.

Chikkudukaya Vepudu Recipe Ingredients

Chikkudukayalu 1/4 kg
Green chilies 4
Cooking oil4 spoons
Turmeric powder 1 pinch
Garammasala ½ spoon
Salt as needed
Mustard seeds ½ spoon
Split gram dal ½ spoon
Curry leaves 8 leaves
Cumin seeds ½ table spoon
Oil 3 spoons

Chikkudukaya Vepudu Recipe Procedure

  1. Take broad beans (chikkudukayalu), green chilies and chopped finely.
  2. Now light the stove and put a pan over it, add 3 spoons of oil.
  3. Add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds let them pop and add the split gram dal and curry leaves and fry till the dal turns red.
  4. Now add pinch of turmeric powder and green chilies.
  5. After that add chopped Chikkudukaya mix evenly and close the pan with a lid.
  6. Remove the lid after 4 min and mix it by adding garam masala and salt.
  7. See once whether Chikkudukaya is fried completely or not.
  8. Now Chikkudukaya Vepudu is ready to serve.
  9. It tastes good along with chapatti, roti or rice.

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