How to Make Andhra Soup Recipe - Recipe Info

How to Make Andhra Soup Recipe : This Andhra soup made with Green peas and sweet corn. It is an andhra style easy corn and peas soup. Green peas and sweet corn soup is healthy and tasty recipe. It is easy to make with simple ingredients. Let’s learn how to prepare andhra soup with Green peas and sweet corn.
How to Make Andhra Soup Recipe

How to Make Andhra Soup Recipe

Learn how to make andhra Andhra Soup recipe at home yourself, as we have given the complete list of food ingredients required for the prepartion of Andhra Soup with the easy cooking tips on how to cook Andhra Soup recipe with step by step easy cooking procedure.

Andhra Soup Recipe Ingredients

Pachi batani4 cups
Sweet corn2 cups
Ullipaya mukkalu1/4 cup
Vellulli rebbalukonni
Milk1/2 cup
Nune2 spoons
Kottimira2 spoons
Pudina2 spoons

Andhra Soup Recipe Procedure

  1. Munduga pachi batani, Sweet corn mariyu koddiga uppu vesi andulo 6 cups water posi chinna mantapai 10minutes udikinchali.
  2. Challarina taruvata mettaga grind chesukovali.
  3. Taruvata andulone milk, kottimira, pudina vesi maro 2 cups water posi stave pai petti Kasepu udikinchali.
  4. Ippudu banalilo 2 spoons nune posi andulo koddiga jeelakarra, ullipaya mukkalu mariyu cut chesina vellulli rebbalu vesi koddisepu veyinchali.
  5. Baga vegina taruvata, dinini udukutunna soup lo vesi maro 2 nimishalu udikinchi dincheyyali.
  6. Andulo saripada uppu vesi kalipi, serving bowls lo posi vediga serve cheyali.
  7. Anthe chala ruchiga unde andhra soup tayar.

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