How To Use BHIM App? A Complete Step by Step Guide

How To Use BHIM App, A Complete Step by Step Guide to Use BHIM App, BHIM App, BHIM App Download, BHIM Mobile App: BHIM mobile app has been launched by our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji for all the population of India. The full form of BHIM app is Bharat Interface for Money. As we have seen in last 2-3 years that a revolution has started to make India cashless. People are already using net banking to save them from many critical situations. As we can see that everywhere we can't have money in our pocket to pay. So Indian Government is trying their best to resolve this problem. Already there are many apps in the market to resolve this problem. But now our Central government has released this BHIM app for our people. We can download and use this BHIM app for our benefit. Here in this article, How To Use BHIM App? A Complete Step by Step Guide we will tell you more about this app.

How To Use BHIM App? A Complete Step by Step Guide

BHIM App Complete Step by Step Guide to Use

How To Use BHIM App? A Complete Step by Step Guide:

BHIM app has been developed by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) which can be used for all the UPI services provided by banks. UPI means Unified Payment Interface which allows transfer of money between any two bank accounts or from your account to another account by using a smartphone. UPI allows payments both online and offline without any hassles like credit card details, IFSC code, wallet passwords, etc. For using BHIM mobile app you just need to remember three things. The first thing which is required is the passcode, then the Payment Address and last one is the UPI personal identification number (PIN). So just by these simple steps, you can be able to use this BHIM app. Read this article, How To Use BHIM App? A Complete Step by Step Guide to know more.

How to Download and Use BHIM App?

* Go to your play store in your mobile and search for BHIM app. There can be many BHIM apps which will appear after your search. But just download the one from NPCI. This app is available for Android users only.
* Once the download will complete, just install the app in your mobile. Choose your language here which will be there afterward.

NOTE: To use the BHIM mobile app in Hindi, you can just select your language to Hindi here only.

* Now the BHIM app will ask you to verify your phone number through SMS verification. Click next and wait for the verification to complete.
* Once the verification is complete, they will ask you to enter a 4-digit passcode. This you can enter anything which you can remember properly. As this passcode will be used as PIN for BHIM account.
* After you set your passcode for BHIM account, you need to select your bank. As your mobile number is registered with the bank, BHIM app will automatically fetch every detail required using your phone number.
* Now you need to choose a primary bank account which will be used for all the transactions. 
* Now you will see an option to set the payment address, but that has been already generated by your registered mobile number. Also, you can add other address if you want. If not then just proceed.
* Now BHIM app will display three options Send, Request, Scan/Pay. The transaction can be done only with registered and verified phone number. 
* Now if you want to send money to someone you just need to type their phone number and amount to be transferred. Now BHIM will ask you your BHIM PIN which you generated before in step 2.
* The process is same if you want to request money from someone. 
* Now the last option is Scan/Pay. Here you can complete the transaction using a barcode. This barcode can be decoded by a smartphone or a tablet, as each phone number has been assigned to a bar code or QR Code. 

BHIM Mobile App:

BHIM mobile has been started for all the people of India to help in bank transaction without any difficulties. Easily one can send and request money using this BHIM mobile app. Till now 31 banks are included in this app and much more will come in future. But this BHIM app is only for Android users. For iOS users, it is not there now. But the government is planning to start this soon s that iOS users also can take these benefits. Now, this is all about for BHIM mobile app.

How To Use BHIM App? A Complete Step by Step Guide

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