How to Clear Government Exams in the first attempt?

How to Clear Government Exams in the first attempt ?: Every endeavor man has ever taken up, has been aimed at only one objective-Success. That is all we ever desire. And to fulfill this desire we are willing to give up everything for it. This is same for government examinations too. Everyone sits and enrolls for a government examination in with a dream of getting the job, but with very few seats, and the huge number of applicants in our country, not everyone can be taken in by the Government.Do you want to be amongst the top ones, who do get the job? If your answer is yes, and you have the strength in you to go through with the rigorous training and effort to climb the stairs, read on

How to Clear Government Exams in the first attempt?

Start Early

You snooze, you lose. Goes for every big hurdle in life.If you wait for the announcement of the official date of the exam, or some other particular month to begin from, you have already lost half the fight. If you are serious about getting that government job, you should begin NOW. Yes, that is the best time to start preparing.

A great plan is half the work done

Well begun is half done. Make a plan, make a routine which you can follow for the next few months and make sure that it leaves space for everything and is achievable and a challenge at the same time. You could check out the India reads offers, and buy books on topics ranging from India reads, which has books ranging from history to current affairs and decide on what to study at what time of the day.

Be adaptive to change

Never be rigid in your life. If one plan doesn’t seem to be working switch to another. This does not hold true only for exams or preparation, but also for life. No matter how well a plan is made, do not hesitate to make changes to it if you think that it will increase your chances of success. After all, getting the plan a success is not your aim, being successful is what you are throwing that dart of yourself at.

Leave nothing mid-way

Making amendments to your plan is well enough. But also, it is very important to not stop midway at anything. You begin a section, say verbal, find it difficult, leave it completely. No, don’t do that. Learn, revise, practice and keep doing it till you have mastered the section.

There are millions of questions. You can’t go through all, but the more you go through, the better

Knowledge is good enough only when tested. An engineer who has never opened and repaired a machine with his own hands is of no use in field work. Same goes for exam preparation. Keep a few days in the week aside for only solving problems and also set aside an hour every day and solve problems from the sections you studied during that day. Use Oliveboard coupons and register on their site to give exams regularly and keep up practice at a pace. The coupons range will give you a 50-70% discount on test series of various government exams.


If you are slow and steady, you will never get a government job. A number of applicants is immense, and hence speed is of utmost importance if you want to solve the maximum amount of questions so as to increase your chances of facing the examination.

Underestimate nothing

Maths might be your favorite subject and you might have gotten straight A’s in college life every time you faced Maths. But if you neglect the Quant part and do not pay as much importance to it as you do to the other sections, then my friend it is you who will be full of regret when the results are announced.

Study with others

Beginning solo is good. But in the journey of achieving success, if you find someone to tag along, it is even better. You can help each other grow to even better versions of yourself, and due to the constant interactions and discussion of various problems, both will benefit.

The principle of least effort

True that there is no substitute for hard work. But don’t spend time gazing at the stars while studying. Instead get as much work done in as little time as possible. Work smart, and only then can you succeed in the race of life.

Have faith in yourself

Every other point that I mentioned is absolutely useless if you do not have faith in yourself. Humans failed many times before they were able to successfully send men to the moon. In a similar way, failure, or other factors could try to lower your hopes. Have faith and don’t lose hope, because only the one who never gives up, is able to succeed.

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How to Clear Government Exams in the first attempt?

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